Your Mind Matters To Him

You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.

Isaiah 26:3

Doctors tell us that many of the sicknesses we suffer in our bodies are psychosomatic, meaning they are a result of mental or emotional stress that we have put ourselves under.

Perhaps you were abused or emotionally hurt by someone you trusted. Maybe you still feel angry and hurt when you think about it. Beloved, I want to encourage you to start involving Jesus. He is your answer. See the Lord holding you, gently healing your wounds. See Him restoring you, putting courage into your heart and taking away every sense of shame and guilt.

At the cross, Jesus took on Himself the bitter sting of every one of your frustrations, hurts and emotional pains when He wore the crown of thorns on your behalf (John 19:2). He did it so that you can be free from fears, depression and stress.

Today, bring the Lord into every situation of stress instead of allowing it to accumulate and affect your health. Let Jesus saturate your heart and mind with His peace and rest.


  • Dora Barnes says:

    A message many take 4 granted, but thank God 4 His perfect peace so that I can rest n Him perfectly , n Jesus Christ name Amen. Keep on spread’n the Gospel of the Lord.

  • Vincent Njebe says:

    Am really blessed by your words man of God, may God continue to bless you and use you more in Jesus name.Please man of God I have a prayer request,am a born again Christian but in my life as a Christian I have been wrestling with the spirit of mastubation .Whenever I try to stop after sometime I eventually find myself in an act. Please help me I don’t want to miss heaven because I have tried but I have failed.

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