Praise Report: Freed of Fifteen Months of Constant Pain Caused by Dental Surgery

Two years ago, I went to an oral surgeon to have two dental implants. During the surgery, the surgeon hit my trigeminal nerve and caused excruciating pain to my mouth. The pain was unbearable.The implants had to be removed and I suffered constant unbearable pain for the next fifteen months. I had an MRI and was prescribed strong drugs but they didn’t help. I also saw a neurologist who put me on more drugs.

I began to partake of the Holy Communion every day, sometimes up to three times a day. I would take it like medicine. I read Pastor Joseph Prince’s book on the Communion and anointing oil. Although the pain was so intense, I never gave up. I touched my mouth with oil every day, prayed, and believed that God’s Word was greater than my pain. I also confessed healing Scriptures constantly.

When I felt my faith was strong enough I stopped taking all the pain medication. The pain was still there but I was convinced that I WAS healed. This continued for a few more months.

After fifteen months of the Word, Communion, and anointing oil, I finally received the manifestation of my healing! God’s Word was the final authority! I have been pain-free ever since!

Anonymous | Pennsylvania, United States

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