Praise Report: Wart on Hand Gone after Declaring God’s Word

I read the testimonies on Joseph Prince’s website when I need to boost my hope and faith. As I was going through them many months ago, I was drawn to the testimonies about speaking to growths on the body and how these growths would literally shrink or dry up and eventually “fall off.” I was so amazed by this. I had a wart on my left hand for several years. I began speaking to it every day. Once a day, whenever I remember to I would say, “I command you in the name of Jesus to be dried up by the roots and cast into the sea.”

This went on for probably two months with no change in the wart before I slowly began to see it getting smaller. When it was very small it stopped reducing in size. I continued my declarations and then just forgot about it.

Nearly six months later, I scratched the remaining bump on my hand. I was able to pick off the skin and out came the entire thing. Underneath was the smallest hole that healed completely in just a couple of days. The entire thing is gone and it only took me a few seconds to curse it daily for many months. What a great example of healing with no medication or pain!

Anonymous | Michigan, United States


  • Joanne says:

    Thank ypu Pastor Joseph O discovered your Channel this year as it popped out from videos but i refuse not to watch it because it was like a book only cover I stare because of what other Pastors preach that will waste my time if their preaching were about condemnation and about anger pf God.. Till i saw you in one of sermons you visited at Lakewood youtube channel and I feel that i need to listen about it i finish it all with full understanding till you show and explain a video how jewish people sacrifice a lamb till video of Father Yeshua on that cross which made me cried a lot feel i was there underneath his cross watching him dying and seen the miracle that he said the last word “it is finished” feel that He took all my shame and confuse heart about his love to me and after that it became my routine to watch everyday your preachings in youtube it became my Daily Bread together with praise and other preachings recorded it brought me into healing as Father Yeshua was working on me and to my Family though my life was like the history of jews from the bible he always there for me to protect and guide me as you preach about hos grace and mercy and redeemed all my sins.. He does miracles in many ways. More to share in coming days because He is trul Alive and he is the Immanuel he is with us.. Love from Philippnes.

  • Margaret says:

    Hello pastor prince l desire to walk in the miraculous please pray with me. I need God to show up like right now.

  • Eberechukwu says:

    Pastor Prince, you don’t know how much God has used you for me.
    I have been soaked in God’s love.
    Please pray for God’s healing on my brain.

  • Emma Khamuses says:

    Pastor Prince I am addicted to your sermons, I am so in love with your teachings and I am taking the holy communion for the past eight months, I am struggling with a lot of sickness and deseases, but I am trusting God for complete healing and restoration, all things are possible with Him, please pray with me

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