Praise Report: Cavity Gone, Tooth Marked as Healthy After Declaring 1 John 4:17

One day, my wife caught a whiff of my breath and booked me a dentist appointment right away. I’ve been running from the dentist for over a year because during my last appointment, I was told I had a cavity and needed to schedule a filling. It was my first cavity.So for the past year, I’ve been focusing on 1 John 4:17 that says, “As Jesus is, so are we in this world.” I would often declare, “Jesus, Your teeth are perfect, so my teeth are perfect.”

I was nervous about going for the dental appointment my wife had booked for me. But I said again, “Jesus, Your teeth are perfect, so my teeth are perfect.” Before the dentist began looking at me, he asked me why I didn’t schedule for my cavity filling last year as the delay meant it could turn into a root canal issue. I replied, “Honestly, I was scared to get a filling, so I’ve been running from you.”

As the dentist was checking my teeth, he went straight to the tooth that was in need of a filling. He said, “Hmm, that’s strange. I’m pressing really hard and the tooth seems totally fine. I’ve never seen a cavity heal, but I guess I have to mark your teeth as perfectly fine!”

All I could do was smile and say, “God, You are awesome.” Jesus took my identity on the cross to give me His identity in righteousness!

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your teachings. They have shaped my walk with God for the last six years!

Andre Fluellen | Georgia, United States



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