Praise Report: No More Blood in Urine After Partaking of Holy Communion

Toward the end of 2018, I discovered blood in my urine. I went to the doctor and subsequently a urologist but the tests did not show anything was wrong.

During this time, I was partaking of the holy Communion as often as I could and when I felt led to. I also confessed my healing and listened to Pastor Prince’s broadcasts multiple times a day.

However, after a few months, the situation got worse. I continued to confess the healing scriptures and partake of the Communion. I would not let one negative word come out of my mouth.

There were times when the enemy tried to talk me out of my miracle and make me believe I was never going to be healed. But I kept watching your broadcast on the holy Communion and was encouraged to keep partaking of the Communion month after month.

A couple of months later, I felt something move inside my body. When I went to the bathroom, there was no more blood in my urine. I have had clear urine ever since!

I praise the Lord for this miracle and thank Him for what He did for me on the cross more than 2,000 years ago. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your teachings on the holy Communion.

Adrienne Willis | Georgia, United States