Praise Report: Received New Job with Promotion and Higher Pay

Pastor Prince, I would like to share something amazing that the Lord has done for me. I hope to use this opportunity to testify of His goodness and encourage other brothers and sisters in Christ facing similar challenges in their lives.

I am a professional working in the financial sector for more than twenty years, and by God’s grace, I have reached a relatively senior position. However, I had been feeling unhappy and dissatisfied with the bank I worked for since the beginning of 2019. I began to ask the Lord for a new and better job.

In the natural, it seemed difficult, if not impossible for someone of my seniority to switch jobs, especially when many banks were retrenching and cutting back on hiring. The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t make things any easier.

I remember Pastor Prince teaching us not to look at the world’s economy, but always to Jesus and His finished work on the cross. I kept declaring success in my job search by faith and thanked God for a better job. I must confess it was tough at times when things around me appeared contrary to what I was believing for.

In January, I received a call from another bank. Within a few months, I found myself signing the offer letter with them. Till today, I find it incredible that I could land such a job. Not only did I receive a better job during such a difficult economic period, but it also came with a promotion and a huge pay increment! Never in my career have I received such a huge increment before. I am totally humbled by the measure of the Lord’s grace and goodness toward me. I feel so loved by Him!

For those who are believing God for something, continue to keep your eyes on Him no matter how wildly the storm around you rages.

Anonymous | Singapore

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