Praise Report: Seeing Favor At Work, Marriage Restored

For more than thirty years, I was a member of a church that had legalistic teachings. As a result, I lived in fear, guilt, and condemnation. My marriage was also not going well and after more than twenty-five difficult years, my husband walked out in 2008 and ended all communication with me.

Just before he left me, we had visited Singapore, where I attended a service at New Creation Church with my cousin and heard Pastor Joseph Prince’s message of God’s grace. After that day, I started listening to Pastor Prince’s weekly online sermons.

Initially, it was difficult to unlearn all the teachings I had heard in the past.

But slowly, I began to understand that I did not have to put in any effort to merit blessings from God.

I started claiming that I was the righteousness of God in Christ.

I also overcame my fear about the Holy Communion and started taking it regularly. I started experiencing God’s blessings physically, materially, and spiritually. I found favor in my workplace and I was promoted twice. I always felt surrounded with God’s love and favor.

One night, five years after my husband left me, I asked the Lord whether I should meet a lawyer and work out how to proceed with my marriage. That night, I heard God’s voice and He asked me if I expected the solution to come from Him or my husband.

I immediately told the Lord that I would just wait for Him to sort out things and that I would only look to Him for all my needs. I stopped being stressed about coming up with a solution for my future.

A month from that night, my husband called me—and he has since rejoined the family and God’s love has reunited us.

It has been almost two years since this miracle took place and we can truly say that God makes all things beautiful in His time. Pastor Prince, thank you for all the messages on your website and the daily devotions. My relationship with God has become a joyous one and not one filled with fear.

Life is much better now than it would have been had I tried to work it out on my own.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Canada


  • Amelia says:

    Pastor can you please pray for me I am believing God for a miracle in my marriage

  • Amelia says:

    Pastor can you please pray for my marriage I do want to have a divorce

  • sivagandhi govender says:

    Please pray for god to restore my marriage,for a financial blessing and for a job in jesus name amen

  • Julian says:

    Dear prayer warriors,
    Please stand with me on so confused right now.l was laid off my job.all my applications have been rejected since.l would like a job 30 years now and nobody has come around to ask me for a hand in peace at all.
    Please stand with me in prayer.

    • anthony says:

      Julian just fix your eyes on God and may be to remind you,our kind cannot fail,your applications cannot be rejected, you are born of God.just meditate on the word of God and you will be amazed just in a few months.if obed edom an old testament guy gets rich in 3 months,how about you? relax

  • Akinmade Adedapo 'Lanre says:

    I could see grace at work.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this praise report. It gives me hope in my own marriage.

  • sunitha says:

    Praise the lord paster joseph prince im sunitha im from india thank you somuch for ur encouraged more and more gods massage s and bible worses illl feeel soo happy evryday please i want grow more spiritual life because till now whatever i want even small pin also my **saviour jesus christ*** and** lovely father **has givend me evrything acctually we are poor family but more then rich people we living because my my **rich god **helping once again thank you somuch paster if any mistakes please for give me .

  • Mollie says:

    I am also in need of prayer over my marriage…. my husband all of a sudden open abandon our marriage on July 9th and has proceeded with the divorce which I am not in favor of….. I pray for reconciliation.

    • Asenath says:

      Praise God for his mercy is everlasting. Pastor please pray for restoration of my relationship with Joshua too. Its been more than a year now i am believing for a miracle

  • Kammon says:

    Please pray for my marriage. My husband has always been unfaithful right from when we got married. I feel hopeless that he will never change that all i want now is a divorce and ability to take care of my daughter comfortably. I need God’s manifestation on the way forward.

  • Regina channdwe says:

    Man of God pray for me i need a scolarship for my dauhgter for masters in economics i cant aford that God hoppen the door

  • lynn miller says:

    Please pray for healing in my body God bless

  • Dennis Voltz says:

    I need a miracle for the restoration of my marriage. My wife left me over a year ago and is living with another man. I’m learning how to rest in the Lord through Pastor Prince’s teachings and I declare “The battle is the Lord’s”. I’ve suffered much hurt and I’m struggling with rejection. Please pray for me and my marriage.

  • Elizabeth Mensah says:

    Thank you for the Grace revolution. I’m tapping into it. I need more grace in my financial life and my health life. I need to be marry and my life needs a u turn.

  • Pearl Dzordzordzi says:

    Pastor, please help me pray to save my marriage for my husband is about to divorce me

  • Dear Joseph Prince I need manifestation of our Father’s Intimacy in Christ reality only

  • Pray for marriage,we just re united with my wife last after nine years of separation but things are not going well,also pray for financial breakthrough am confused can’t service loan in time ,I have rent arrears both in my business and house.I believe that the battle is the lord’s,also restoration of my business.

  • Jon says:

    Pray for my marriage. 16 year anniversary is on April 21st. She left and we’ve been separated 4 1/2 months and she is currently living with another man.
    Prayers for full reconciliation appreciated.
    Thank you.

  • Lionel Rivera says:

    Please pastor pray forme my marriage my wiffe watts to divorce and se was a Christian before and no se is in te World .I dont watts to divorcie her.please heló me.

  • Elisha says:

    Please pray for my marriage to be restored. My husband is a bitter person toward my family. My husband has had issues with porn and adultery. He also hates going to church but he says he is a Christian. I need prayers.

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