Praise Report: Voice Completely Restored After Watching Sermon

Pastor Prince, I contracted Legionnaires’ disease, a severe form of pneumonia, in 2018. I was so sick and was unable to breathe as I lay in my hospital bed. But the Lord touched me as I was watching your daily broadcasts, and a few days later, I was released from the hospital. Though I was much better, I had lost most of my voice. This was horrible as I was a teacher and had to retire because I could no longer speak.

When you came to the United States in 2019, I flew to Los Angeles to see you at your tour event. I was interviewed by your staff and in the video, you can hear my voice was very raspy. It was that way for years, and I had resigned myself to a voiceless way of life. It was hard for everyone.

Right at the start of the year, I had been anticipating hearing the new theme for the year. We first watched your message The Year of Rest and Acceleration on a Saturday evening, and the next day, I watched it three more times again. Each time, I received the holy Communion and felt so excited at all the prospects the new year would bring. I just felt in my heart such love from the Father that I was totally at peace. I went to bed that night and woke in the morning to find my voice was completely restored! I didn’t even pray for it. I was in shock.

Then, in the sermon the following week, you spoke about the seed being sown and night and day, the man sleeps and doesn’t know how, but the harvest is there. That was me! I didn’t know how my healing happened, it just did. I didn’t ask God for anything, yet He, being so good, blessed me with everything!

I’m telling everyone I know about what Jesus did for me. Hallelujah! Praise the wonderful name of Jesus! It’s just so exciting when you are the recipient of God’s amazing love! Our God is such a good God! Thank you, Pastor Prince, for yielding your life to Jesus as you have done. Our love and prayers for your family and church.

Sandy Martinez | New Mexico, United States