When God Does It, It’s Perfect!

…it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.

Philippians 2:13

Once as a young child, I came across a shrub with gorgeous flowers. When I discovered a budding flower among the fully opened ones, I thought that it would be a great idea to help it blossom.

So I tried to peel open the petals one by one…and bit by bit, the flower became undone as the petals were torn off in my little hands. I had begun with good intentions, but killed the poor flower in the end!

My friend, when it comes to our areas of concern, our human efforts to solve our problems, despite the best of intentions, cannot produce results that are as beautiful as if we were to allow God’s wisdom and timing to do it.

It’s when we rest from our self-efforts and struggles to solve our problems, and allow God to work in us and through us, that we see divine results.

I’ve often said this: If God wants all the glory, then allow Him to do all the work. God loves it when you look to and lean on Him alone. In heaven, it’s, “Worthy is the Lamb,” and not, “Worthy is the Lamb…and me.”

Beloved, stop trying to make it all happen through your own strength and wisdom. Cease from trying and start trusting the Lord.

Let Him work in and through you to overcome your challenges, accomplish your dreams and fulfill His plans and purposes for your life. When God does it with His incomparable wisdom, power and timing, it can only be perfect!

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God At Work And You At Rest


  • Vimbai Mark says:

    Thank you Pastor. Am gonna surrender my all to God and let him be the center of my life

  • Pastor Prince, I know it’s all about Jesus, but I have to say I hope I will get to see Him reward you in heaven for your faithfulness to His call. Soooo many Christian lives have been changed not just the lost. I was Christian since I was 10 years old but until I heard the true gospel through you I was forever striving, striving, it was exhausting. I am now 70 years old but in the last six years since I have been listening to you, I have experienced too many miracles to even count!! Thank you and KEEP ON PRESSING TOWARD THE PRIZE!!!

  • Nioca says:

    Thank you for this word, I need to hear this right now, my Vehicle is not working and I browsed some money to licence my sons car and now i dont know how i will pay the person back, because my account at work won’t send my salary to one account so I can access it,But in all things I am giving thanks because I trust He is working behind the scenes on my behalf so I just need to rest
    Thank you again

  • anita anne ambrose. says:

    Thank you Pastor Prince, for your small parable which is meaningful, (and all your messages on God Tv,and you tube, and daily devotionals on emails,& fb.) which are really encouraging and uplifting and refreshes our minds for another day,) and it is only God who see’s all things, and is all knowing & who is the Perfector of our faith, and his works are Perfect, b’coz he is a Perfect God. And yes, it is when we rest from all our struggles, & self efforts we see divine results, and I m overcoming all my day today challenges by God’s Grace. And to tell you the truth,i have been listening & watching your sermons on my new phone on you tube since 5 days, and i m seeing a change in my house: all these days some negative forces which i felt are leaving out, there is PEACE. Hush….As though Jesus entered my room through your messages, and said,”Be still and know I ‘m the lord,” who chose Joseph Prince. to hunt down the negatives. The lion of Judah is roaring from you and, I’ m going to do the same. God bless you Abundantly.Thanks once again.Amen and amen.

  • Purity says:

    Thanks Daddy, for your deeper insight you have been sharing. I’m learning from your great ministry right hear in Ghana. God richly bless You

  • James allen says:

    I will look to the mountains from whence comes my help my help comes from the lord who made heaven and earth. As the eyes of a servant look to the hand of the master so our eyes are upon you till you shall be gracious to us. Looking to men will never work mans breath is in his nostrils. There are no steps and there are no formulas to God only crying hearts of those who look to Jesus for every need to be met. James

  • Joshua says:

    Amen..I thank you pastor for such wonderful words,they are indeed inspiring.I thank God for you!

  • Edwin Mwangi says:

    Pastor Prince you have been a blessing on to me since 2010, when i started listening you through Family Radio 316 in Kenya.Through your preaching about Grace and Mercy i have come to realize who i my. May God bless you.

  • Marie Muinde says:

    I like the stories they strengthen my FAITH. One thing I learnt from JP his messages really have built my faith, I am addicted to them once I listen to another preacher I feel that gap left in my heart, as in its like I have not quenched the thirst of the word.

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