Praise Report: Baby Daughter Delivered From Feeding Suffocation

I grew up under Christian teachings that gave me an unhealthy fear of God and no understanding of His grace. During college, I learned about grace but it was limited to just my salvation. I also believed that it was less spiritual to ask God for blessings and felt that I did not deserve to be blessed or have my prayers answered whenever I sinned. I felt frustrated that I couldn’t measure up although I knew that my salvation could not be lost.

In my early twenties, I chanced upon Pastor Prince on God TV but I was scared that his teaching was wrong. In 2014, I chanced upon Pastor Prince again on God TV and it was then that the Lord opened my eyes to His love and grace.

In the past, I would suddenly stop doing what I was doing to confess my sins. I felt it was abnormal but could not bring myself out of it. It was a relief to know that Pastor Prince also went through the same experience!

My husband and I were believing God for a child in 2014. After listening to Pastor Prince, faith that God would answer my prayer increased because I realized He had imputed His righteousness to me. We had a baby girl that December.

However, our baby experienced severe suffocation during her feedings. It was a terrible phase in my life to see her suffer. The doctor told us that it was a common occurrence among infants and that she would outgrow it after four months.

Due to the severity of our baby’s condition, the doctor suspected that there was something wrong with her heart and suggested that we bring her for an echocardiogram. We did not go through it because I was scared. I also felt that her condition had nothing to do with her heart.

I confessed the Lord’s Word over her. I declared verses over her, such as “great will be my child’s peace,” “my children are like olive shoots around my table,” “the Lord is her Shepherd, she shall not want,” and a few others. Around two weeks into her second month, symptoms of the suffocation suddenly stopped. They returned twice or thrice but after that, there was no more recurrence.

I thank God and also Pastor Prince for bringing God’s children to His wholesome grace. Now I listen to Pastor Prince almost every day on God TV and God is using it to change me and position me to receive His blessing. All glory be to Him!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | India

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