Praise Report: Setting Alcoholics Free With God’s Grace

I am a recovered alcoholic who received Jesus Christ five years ago. At that time, even after being saved, I was still full of self-condemnation and found it hard to believe that Jesus really cared about me. I thought He was very angry with me and that I needed to try to be good. For us alcoholics who have been very ill with addiction, this self-condemnation and the belief that we are never going to be able to do what God expects of us often sends us back to drink, develop an addiction to drugs, and even die as a result of complications.

But when I heard Joseph Prince preach on television, suddenly, the final jigsaw piece fell into place. It was the first time I had heard about God’s grace. After that, I bought and read Pastor Prince’s books, Destined To Reign and Unmerited Favor. Grace and truth in the person of Jesus came and made all the difference.

The changes happened in me once I understood and believed that everything had already been done for me at the cross, and that Jesus wanted to heal me and pour His grace into my life.

Today, I sponsor a lot of alcoholic women through the twelve-step recovery program. I even run a retreat for them. But I work the program with God’s grace at the forefront so that it is not a legalistic program. So when I help the women begin their journey with the program, I give them my copy of either Destined To Reign or Unmerited Favor to read. (These two books are now almost worn out as they have been passed on to so many who have addictions.) I also pass them clips of Pastor Prince’s messages.

These women now have a much better chance at lasting freedom. Before receiving the message of grace, they had the same wrong beliefs I had. Like me, they believed that they could never live up to what an angry God of judgment expects of them. Without right believing about the true God and His grace, lasting sobriety is just not possible for any of us, and we would all have gone back to drinking.

Since listening to the gospel of grace, I now believe that the Lord wants to help us all, and that He loves me, He loves each one of us.

I love seeing people recover from their addictions. It’s His grace alone that has given my friends and me true freedom. I have also been able to eventually forgive others and myself.

I went to the Power Of Right Believing Tour in Newark in 2013 to see Pastor Prince preach. After returning home from the tour, I was hospitalized for an infection in my gall bladder. I thank Jesus that I was admitted on time, or I would have lost my life. It was a long illness and they could not operate to remove my gall bladder until the infection subsided two months later.

Looking back, I now see how good God was because during the period of waiting for my operation, my thirty-one-year-old son came from the other end of England to look after me. Our relationship, which had been so damaged due to my alcoholism, was rebuilt during that period. While he was caring for me, my son also gave up his use of drugs without me having to say anything!

My son could see the change in me and I believe the Lord is working with my only son—he has opened up to the fact that there could be a loving being (God) out there who wants to look after us.

By believing right in the Lord’s grace, I have experienced massive healing in my family in a way I never thought possible. I am seeing more miracles around me. The Holy Spirit is healing and teaching others through me—there are more people who no longer drink and indulge in other addictions after finding freedom in Jesus and His grace. There are so many girls aged twenty to sixty who are learning the true meaning of grace. Jesus loves us all so much!

God bless you and your ministry, Pastor Prince. I hope to come to Singapore soon to keep my spirit fed with the gospel of grace.

Dolores | United Kingdom

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  • themba says:

    Please pray for me to be deliveted from the spirit of alcohol & sin. In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, Amen!!

  • Joseph says:

    God’s Grace is sufficient.I know its difficult by your own effort and even next to impossible if you will lean on your own effort and undersatnding.Allow Jesus to fight the battle for you and with you by indulging yourself merciless in God’s Word because its the LIFE AND TRUTH and surely God will give you the strenth and be able to re-examine yoursef and test your ways and return back to God.Lamentation 3:40

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