Praise Report: No More Battling Negative Thoughts, Fears, And Depression

Pastor Prince, I have been a Christian from a very young age. I love Jesus, went to church regularly, and have always wanted to serve Him sincerely.

However, for many years, I was depressed, always anxious, and afraid of making mistakes all the time. I always confessed my sins, only to become more and more sin-conscious. I felt as though I couldn’t breathe and thought I was going mad.

Then in February 2015, I came across your website while surfing the Internet. I started to read your daily devotionals and listen to your sermons on YouTube. I also subscribed to your Daily Grace Inspirations online. Your resources began a new adventure for me as I learned about my value in Christ and how much my Daddy in heaven loves me.

Without realizing it, I became a better person effortlessly. My fears, anxieties, depression, panic attacks, and self-condemnation started disappearing. I also began to confess my righteousness in Christ and His promises upon my life. I would even experience healing each time I called upon His name.

But I began to be plagued by negative thoughts—all kinds of evil thoughts would enter my mind whenever I prayed or worshiped God. As a result, I thought I had failed in God’s eyes and felt condemned all over again.

Then one day, I came across your sermon titled, The Battle For Your Mind. It brought about a total change in me as I listened to it. I am so happy to know how much Jesus loves me and that I can be free from negative thoughts. Today, I can boldly declare, “As Jesus is, so am I in this world.”

I also got hold of your book Grace Revolution. As I read it, I learned so much about my Savior’s love for me and how He has done (and is still doing) so many things for me. I know that He will continue to love and bless me because I am His beloved. His grace has set me free indeed!

Thank you so much, Pastor Prince. I am grateful to God for putting you in my life. God bless you, your family, and your ministry.

Emy Jenna Potheegadoo | Mauritius

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