Praise Report: Restoration Of Furnishing Items

One night, I was watching a broadcast by Pastor Prince, where he was preaching on 2015 being the year of restoration. Thirty minutes into the program, there was a knock on my door. It was my neighbor who lived in the apartment below me. He told me he was moving to another city and could not take most of his furniture with him. He asked me to go take a look at them and if there was something I wanted, he would give it to me for free.

I needed a sofa and a recliner lounge chair for my living room. I was believing God for these things as I did not have extra money to just go buy them since I had lost my job. It was a very difficult time because it just seemed like every which way I turned, I was experiencing one loss after another in every area of my life. The only thing holding me together was God’s grace.

So when I looked at what my neighbor was giving away, I saw a sofa and a recliner lounge chair that looked almost brand new. Both these items are now in my apartment. Wow, how incredible is our God! Right when I was watching your broadcast about 2015 being the year of His restoration, a blessing of restoration comes knocking on my door.

Pastor Prince, thank you so much for teaching the truth about the gospel. Your ministry has transformed my life and I am really beginning to understand what it means to rest in God and let Him do the work. I no longer struggle and strive trying to make things happen. Life has become so much simpler and it’s all because of Jesus.

Linda Dibiosso | Michigan, United States

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