Praise Report: Healed Of Severe Eczema And Allergy To Dogs

I had eczema ever since I was a very small child. The condition was so severe that I had to give up my career in cosmetology because I wasn’t able to bend my fingers as they were always wrapped up in bandages.

I went to different doctors but nothing they prescribed worked for me. As a result, I gave up all hopes of being healed and just learned to deal with the condition since it wasn’t life threatening.

When I was in my twenties, I started going back to church. I would pray over my eczema and get others to pray over it too. I was also told that if I couldn’t believe God for the small things—like my eczema—I would not be able to believe Him for the bigger things in life.

At that point, I had eczema on my face, eyelids, ears, neck, and arms. It was really bad, but no matter how “hard” I prayed, and no matter how much I cried, the eczema would not go away. I truly believed that God would heal me then, but it just never happened.

Having eczema was bad but not receiving the healing that I was hoping for was devastating. I pleaded with God to tell me what I needed to do to get healed. I became fearful that my faith was too weak to receive healing and I began to wonder how God would provide for my future.

In January 2013, I started to listen to sermons by Pastor Joseph Prince and a couple of weeks later, I heard him preach about the Holy Communion.

Now, I’ve been going to church for quite some time and I never fully understood the significance of the Holy Communion. I thought it was just a religious tradition. But when I heard Pastor Prince teach about the true meaning of the Holy Communion, I was blown away. I started partaking of the Holy Communion all by myself at home and I loved it!

A few months later, as I continued to listen to Pastor Prince’s sermons and partake of the Holy Communion, I noticed that my right arm was completely healed of eczema. Shortly after, my left arm, neck, and face were completely healed!

I’ve also been completely healed of an allergy to dogs. I would get incredibly asthmatic if I was around a dog for a few minutes. My eyes would get red and itchy, my throat would get itchy, and I would start to sneeze. So I would avoid dogs at all costs.

Guess what? I am no longer allergic to dogs. We actually bought our kids a dog last Christmas and I’m not allergic to it!

I know that these issues may not seem life-threatening or a big deal to some people but it was important for me because I used to be terrified that I would never receive God’s healing or that I was doing something wrong. But now, all I think about is Jesus and everything that He has done for me. I no longer trust in my own faith, but I rest in Jesus’ great faith for my miracles, and rest completely in Him. What an amazing Savior!

Thank you, Pastor Joseph Prince, and your ministry, for spreading the gospel. Praise God!

Elizabeth Ozdiker | Arizona, United States


  • Ruth says:

    Pastor Prince I am very encouraged with the report. Please pray my child will come back to God and be healed from the trauma of family abuse. Please pray his eczema which is too much to bear and have enough faith that was tested to stand firm and ask God to heal him. Let me the mother find strength and wisdom to stand by him as he walked through the storm. Pastor please pray for us as desperate in need of God’s merciful hands in out lives.

  • Tati says:

    Amen! I receive this healing too 🙂

  • Carla says:

    Please pray full healing and restoration of Zanes skin from itching and rash I stand firm on the blood of Jesus that by his stripes he is healed of all skin rash or dryness in Jesus Name we declare smooth soft skin as babies should have in Jesus Name thank you Holy Spirit

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