Praise Report: Business Debt Supernaturally Cleared

Pastor Prince, no one has revealed to me the ever-loving heart of the Father as you have. Through your sermons and books, I have come to know that God’s heart toward me is ever flowing with unconditional love because of the finished work of His Son and nothing can change that. You don’t know how happy I am that every time I see the Father, I see nothing but His heart full of love for me. Every time I come into His presence, I see His loving arms open wide to give me a warm embrace.

Your teachings of Jesus have made me realize that He is the standard for living—not me or anyone else—and this is a huge blessing to me. I have also come to realize that He is with me always and I can see His presence manifest in every area of my life. By beholding Him, I’m being transformed into His image from glory to glory.

Sometime last year, I took a loan for my business. When the time for settlement came, I had been listening to a message you preached in 2005 titled, God Has Cleansed You, Now Pronounce Yourself Cleansed! Though it was about healing, you mentioned that we can apply the same principle in every area of our lives. So I kept saying, “I pronounce my debt paid by the blood of Jesus Christ.”

Subsequently, my creditor informed me that the loan was a gift to support my business. This happened only as a result of God’s unmerited favor because my creditor and I had a written agreement that clearly states that all payments should be made within a year. Praise the Lord for His grace!

Thank you so much, Pastor Prince. The Lord bless you and yours always.

Tracy Alale | Nigeria, West Africa

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