Praise Report: Healed Of Painful Bunions, Finding Intimacy With God And Seeing Husband’s Business Blessed

Since childhood, I have always suffered from bunions. At school, I was permitted to wear sandals as normal shoes would cause the bunions to flare up. When I started reading your book, Destined To Reign, my bunions were very painful. It was so painful that I literally could not sleep and I had to lie with my foot off the bed as it would hurt if it touched anything.

While reading your book late into the night, I decided to put into practice what I read and let the words sink into my heart. I prayed and the pain went away immediately. I never went to the doctor as I have just always lived with it. God is in the business of healing.

I also had very low self-esteem having been labeled the difficult child in my family. I was an unplanned baby and my parents already had one child—a girl, so they really wanted a boy. They were disappointed when I turned out to be a girl and even considered giving me to a paternal family member who did not have children.

My dad comes from a very cold, strict family and he has a very bad temper so I was naturally fearful and always felt like I was walking on eggshells around him. My mom also grew up in a household where she did not receive love. Both my parents are extreme perfectionists and very organized. On top of that, they raised us with military discipline, with no compassion. It was your own fault if you got hurt—you brought it on yourself.

Thus, I could never relate to God as a Father. God was unapproachable and sitting with a lightning bolt ready to strike me at any time, I was not good enough, never prayed enough or wasn’t obedient enough. I was under the impression that God was only with me when I obeyed the law. Being a perfectionist myself, I felt that I never met up to His expectations and I was always under condemnation.

Since reading Destined To Reign and Unmerited Favor, the veil in my life has been torn. For the first time I am free. I no longer walk under the heavy burden of condemnation. I have also learned that I am not on my own. I don’t have to be strong—Christ in me is my strength.

When the enemy comes to attack me, I will say, “Yes, I am weak, but Christ in me is my strength. I do not try to fight the battle out of my own strength.” As Pastor Prince said in his book, Spiritual Warfare, all we need to do is to stand. Jesus has already won the battle for us at the cross. I have experienced more breakthroughs in my life by trying less and relying on Jesus more.

I was not quite sure what love is or how to love God or Jesus. Through Pastor Prince’s CDs, I learned that God loved us first and I can now have a love relationship with my heavenly Father and Jesus.

I have experienced victory over fear and sin that kept me captive for years not by trying to be obedient, but just by learning that my sins have already been forgiven on the cross. And no, I am not sinning more now. I am actually sinning less and I have a grateful heart for what Christ has done on the cross.

Jesus is no longer a set of laws but my friend and personal Savior. I have also listened to the CD series, Live The Let Go Life, and the only thing I am working on is to “let not your heart be troubled”. Wow! What a revelation when you actually put this into action—you can live and smile. The peace is awesome.

My husband’s business is literally supernaturally blessed. He is in the building industry and there are a lot of companies closing down and struggling, yet his business is doing so well that it’s the best year he has ever had. Now, that is grace!

I really do want to thank Pastor Prince for having the boldness to teach on grace. (I almost stopped reading his book, Destined To Reign, because I thought, “No way, it cannot be that easy!”) I am glad I read the book as it has changed my life and me as a person. May you continue to change lives.
Augusta Scheffer | South Africa

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