Praise Report: Better To Be At Peace Than To Be Right

I was very discouraged even though I was doing much in the church as a minister. My 18-year-old daughter left home. She said that she hated me and had no respect for me because I help people who do not like me. I did not know where she was and I was heart-broken. From October to December 2010, I started hemorrhaging, at which time the doctor did a D&C and put me on birth control pills to try and stop the bleeding.

One day, the Lord led me to listen to Pastor Prince and he was preaching about Jesus’ finished work at Calvary. He was teaching that it wasn’t about my works, but was about what Christ did for me and how my faith has to be in His finished work at Calvary, not my works. You see, I was doing much and I forgot to remember this: Not my efforts, but what He did.

I purchased the series on the Holy Communion. I started to listen to the wisdom of partaking the Holy Communion and the purpose of the bread and the wine. I then began to take Communion, discerning the difference between the elements.

Praise the Lord, my body is now healed. I am no longer bleeding or taking any medication. I have also stopped having trouble with high blood pressure. My daughter and I have been talking and she is coming home to visit—God is restoring our relationship. So much is happening. “It is better to be at peace than to be right.” That is what you said, Pastor Prince, and now I have peace.

I am taking Communion daily with my husband and my children. God is restoring our relationships to what He always intended them to be. I am able to preach the gospel now to others who are broken-hearted and give them the hope that you have given to me because of your obedience and faithfulness to teach the truth of the Word of God and expound on His Son, Jesus.

Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord. Your ministry is what God used to bring hope to me at a time when I was discouraged and about to believe that the Lord had forgotten me. I bless His holy name! Many blessings to you and your ministry.

Julie Tumblin | United States, Texas

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