Praise Report: No More Panic Attacks After Declaring God’s Word

Recently, I started experiencing fears and panic attacks after the passing of a church friend.

Thankfully, the Lord led me to watch Pastor Prince’s DVD album entitled, Secrets In The Hebrew Letters. It taught me the importance of being cleansed daily by the water of God’s Word. I realized I had somehow stopped my daily habit of declaring God’s Word over my life.

I also learned that not immersing myself in the Word of God, especially during a difficult time like this, had made me spiritually dry and susceptible to the enemy’s attacks on my wellbeing.

Upon receiving these revelations, I started declaring God’s Word and blessings over my life again. In just two to three days, all those fears and panic attacks were gone!

All praise to my Lord Jesus for helping me experience the power of His Word once again. His Word truly refreshes, sanctifies, and protects!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Malaysia

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