You Have Jesus—You Have Everything!

…you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power.

 Colossians 2:10

When God gave us Jesus, He gave us not just His best, but also everything. We are truly rich because we have Christ, our all in all.

When we have Jesus, we truly have everything. Jesus is our wisdom, our righteousness, our sanctification, our redemption and our success. In Him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

My friend, when you need wisdom, Christ is your wisdom. When you need righteousness, Christ is your righteousness. When you need sanctification and redemption, Christ is both to you. When you need faith, He is your faith.

When you are fearful of the odds against you, He is your favor. When you are weak, He is your strength. When you are troubled and anxious, He is your peace. When you feel vulnerable, He is your shield. When you are lonely, He is your faithful companion. And when you are sick, He is your healing and health. Jesus, the great I AM says to you, “I AM to you whatever you need Me to be!”

Beloved, you are truly rich because you have Christ. And in Christ you are complete. Don’t wait to have this or that before you feel complete. You are already complete in Christ—your all in all!

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  • Meenakshi says:

    Amen, i need a job and life partner urgently, please pray for me

  • Natalie says:

    Thank you … Thank you … Thank you… Thank you …thank you ,Abba ,there’s no love like Your love,no mercy like Your mercy.Your love sacrifice.thank you for your Darling Son .thank you for the Gift above all gifts .Thank you my Saviour for what you did for me and is to me.thank you Abba for revealing your Son to me.thank you Holy Spirit for always pointing and showing me Jesus and thank you pastor Prince for your willingness to preach this Name and not yourself.Magnify the name of your Son Abba,and Abba honour pastor Prince for honouring your Darling Son.Thank you… Thank you… Thank you…thank you …Thank you .My All in all .

  • Gift B. says:

    I’m so sad! I’m lost.
    Where is Jesus? Where is the peace of God that transcends everything?
    I’m depressed, I trusted Him with my life yet still I feel this way…

    I was happy all year, I believed it was my year to possess my possessions, I believed I was greatly loved, highly favored and deeply.. but the thief has stolen my joy again!!

    Did I believe wrong, since I’m living wrong?

    I feel numb..I can’t even cry, I’ve lost interest in everything and everyone…
    Now I feel like a hypocrite ( the thoughts are kicking in) after proclaiming Christ’s wholeness, the peace I had in Him…look at me now..
    I’m just broken and hopeless…

    Please pray for me, I don’t even feel like taking to God…I’m just numb..
    I surrendered my life to Him, I stopped doing and started trusting.. I believed and still believe I am the righteousness of God in Christ..

    But then I still feel this way, then my addictions are back, I was delivered but it seems I lost my healing…somehow
    Why can’t He just heal me and set me free?

    O no!!!! I’m hopeless… I love Christ but He’s too hard to serve.

    • Deborah Ripoli says:

      That is tough. Remember you are saved by grace not by works. Are you filled with the Holy Spirit? Ask to be filled with the spirit-filled Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will help you on your journey. Do not think you have failed-Jesus died on the cross to give you victory. You are already victorious with your addictions. It is so hard; tell satan to get behind you and sing praises. Singing praises will get your out of your slump. Remember when Paul was in prison? He sang praises and the walls fell down and he was free and you will be too. Believe me, it is hard to serve Jesus but your reward is in heaven. Look at your surroundings-stay away from unequally yoked friends and places. Make sure you are in a church and committed to a church. They are your family and will pray over you and for you. You are in my prayers. You are God’s daughter. Never forget that.

    • Spasiba says:

      The first to say is that you communicate your emotions well but remember as important as your emotions are God’s name is more important.

      Do you recall the well-known words from Mathew 6:9-13? Life is above all about hallowing God’s name.

      Do you recall the last part of the prayer? It says for Thine is the power and the glory. Forever and ever. Amen.

      Friend, as you are very patient with yourself and focus on glorifying the Father in Heaven in His strength you’ll witness has a chance to become: it’s not too hard to serve My Creator, for He can bless me to do this.

  • Natalie says:

    Dear gift I know what you going through.i have been listening to this message of pastor Prince for almost six years know,this july I have seen abba answer prayers and waiting for prayers know to be answered know for six years not counting the two years I was under mix preaching.abba revealed pastor Prince when i criedout to him for help very harshly because I struggled withcondemnation ,hatred,unforgiveness alcohol abuse,suicide attempts and so many more I’m ashamed to mention sometimesdue to my wrong believing,because I never knew the truth about our lovely Saviour and the teachings I listened to confused me and I started hating Abba,blaming him and fearing him,but at the same time knowing I needed whole life came in full colour to me one day since I was small and I believed abba was reminding me of everything i did wrong and I even told People God will show you everything you did wrong so that he can help you,not knowing that this was Satan .i started hating abba and blaming him for everything .i wanted nothing to do with him ,but he knew why I was acting the way I did and he did not leave me alone.i have joy and peace one day and the next day plain depressed even though I partake daily of the holy communion,listing to messages ,reading the devotional and even this blog where I started sending messages to them daily and having Satan bringing fears that I’m messing people’s life’s with the messages I’m sending.thinking its Abba that’s confusing me .since 2012 whilst listening to the grace mes from pastor Prince only ,I’m suffering with confusement that’s so great when I start mixing messages that I go back to abba and take it out on him not understanding why I’m going through this that i decide to listen to pastor Prince only ,having this guilt that I’m glorifying him.its a struggle that going on for the past 4 years know.i had two different occasions know where I opened up to pastors about my life and how Abba introduced this truth to me that the pastor and I wanted them to experience this love that abba has for me ,but they did not take it well .judt two months ago the last pastor send me a message that just broke my spirit ,because I felt that I need to belong to a church and I need spiritual guess who I blamed because I’m not sure what’s happening .i taught that Abba give leaders to help and guide us .since 2012 whilst listening to this message we experienced the lost of 4babies 3 at birth one at 28 weeks.i lost my mother and father in law who faithfully served Abba all their lives even though mixture was what they were brought up mother in law lost her mind because she taught abba is punishing her because she left the church she was brought under.we have seen her doing things that is hard to swallow and for me which was difficult because I realised why these things are happening and kept on praying she past away and it was very difficult for me ,because I could not understand why abba could not help.i had a nephew who was abusing drugs and had suicide attemps,because he taught Abba was againts him ,because he was told he had an evil spirit so Jesus could not touch him.he started seeing spirits that told him to take his life .abba miraculously introduced pst Prince to him and he finally understood what Christ was about.he had one failed divide attemp after that I told him abba is showing him how grace operates and true to this even though he drank drain acid the scan showed his stomach was as good as joy was short lived because Satan was not finish he underwent a operation two weeks later after they decided to place him in a mental ward for his suicide attemps ,the drugs they had him on affected him.i spk to him the evening of his op and told him to focus on Jesus and his love for him not knowing that the op would cause so much damage. Yet I continued to believe he will wake from his coma and that fatal day 26 november 2012 we went to visit him and geuss what when we got the hospital he was busy dying and Abba allowed me to experience this .the pain ,the hurt,the guilt I felt,the blame .i could not even go to his memorial .i could not even view his body with his funeral.he was suppose to be a testimony of Abbas grace.but in all this hurt and pain I kept looking to Abba even taking out my pain on him.blaming him for opening up this message yet my family are dying.the blame I experienced,becsuse Satan started to blame me.i started drinking again ,because abba was just a lie ,he pretends ,the questions.,but in all this Abba never left me.this year March we lost a niece to suicide.she drank acid or something ,her body broke in to pieces.i cried,I was hurt,two weeks after this I had the experience with the last pastor explaining to him in all this things abba continue to show his love for me,so it can only bad because of this message that I’m listening to .i realised i take out my fustrations on him ,which is very bad but abba never left me not forsake me.just yesterday i told a lady who abba introduced to pastor Prince who is experiencing lot of rejection no leader to help us.i told her I feel so suicidal this spiritual torment is a lot and abba is not sending help.its causing me to stay way from church,I’m experiencing things in church when the message is mix that I tried explaining to the last pastor also and ask him to help me,but he was just coming againts pst Prince that I end up giving abba abba s piece of my mind because his leaving us alone in this.i wanted to send my nieces mother another message from the blog then all these fears came you messing with this ladies life.shes going to blame God because of you.stop what are you doing they are not interested in Jesus .the depression started so heavy I opened pastor princes blog because my twins is watching tv and here I am writing to you the third attemp know something keep happening then my message is deleted.i want to tell you something.i might not have a testimony like the testimonies,but I can tell you something I developed a love so great for Abba,for Jesus.for people that even though I’m cross at Abba he keeps sending people here and I just realised its people who knows Abba.i am screaming at my kids because ,I’m so frustrated sometimes .i cannot talk to him and i end up telling him i want nothing to do with him ,just to find myself enjoying his love again.i sometimes hate knowing this truth and feel people cannot relate to me because of this,but cannot live without Jesus .i have never been so real in my entire life ,becsuse I realise know that Jesus is everything.i mess up time and time again ,but he never left life is not great,but there is something real in me know that’s never been there.i just want to tell you gift.satan wants you to quit.he will use whatever means possible,just feed on the messages,Abba will never leave you nor forsake you.i told abba I am not a good testimony for his Son,but Abba do not want lose his grip on me.He loves you gift.just continue to believe that.your sister in the lord Natalie.that is why i wrote this comment above i see his love for me even in my blaming him .love you my sister in the lord.just be real with him.

  • Natalie says:

    gift.when you look at my life you will never say that I am life is a mess ,my marriage ,my finances,spiritually I’m so confuse ,I told my friend I sometimes feel like I’m phsyco.i just yesterday told abba that he and Jesus must just lets me be.i don’t want to confuse people.i scream at him because I tried watching other preaches,because im accused of glorifying pastor Prince so sometimes I don’t know who is speaking ,then I’m so confused that this darkness just succumb me because I’m so far listening to this message of pastor Prince that my spirit is very sensitive.but somehow Abba continue to show his love to like you trying to avoid people because I don’t want to confuse them and the hardest part for me there is not someone that I can spk to spiritually.but in all this I see traces of my loving Saviour .he really loves you gift.theres is really nothing you can do that will make him love you less.i think sometimes we are so focused on being a good testimony and want out life’s to glorify Him that we forget his love is really unconditional.

  • Natalie says:

    In all this something was changing in me .i developed a love for Abba,for Jesus.i cried at night telling Abba your Son went through so much and we are acting as if our obedience is bringing the blessing.he died in vain Abba.every beating he took.the shame the shame he went through.they stripped him of his turned your back on him.oh Abba know I see what you did for me.all the messages I listened to Abba.the confusement it brought to I hated you Abba.i was so hard on you and Jesus,Abba and in all this you never left me.and still after seeing this truth the minute your pastors confuse me I go right back placed them don’t care if your pastors confuse us and you will rather let us die and suffer before you take hold of keep on reminding me what your pastors said do not speak againts the anointed of God.oh Abba I’m so afraid don’t give me leprosy.but I dont care because I’m going to hell anyway .Im not good enough for so scared to be in the presence of some of your pastors they will see right through I’ll die in their so scared of you Abba ,but I need you so much,help me .i cannot keep all your commandments I’m. A bad person .where is your Son in all this .he did nothing for me.i herethey said he died for me I don’t see him doing anything for me .show me your Son Abba.oh he did when he introduced pastor Prince to me July 2010 and since then.Im starting to see why Abba allowed me to go through all these wasn’t clear then he was the one who wanted me to see the truth about him.his love for me ,his grace.i blamed him yet he opened up things to me so I could see how he felt about was hurting him to see me going through all these things even things that happened before pastor Prince.the more I listened to the truth the,more he was revealing his love for me but still I was so blind to see that my Abba was working in me.i realised my abba made me feel the hurt for his Son.the hurt when his flock are hurt and confused.i cried for Abba save his children’s from the lies that come from the help his pastors see how there preaching can affect still know afraid of bible.i read scriptures that I can see ,but there’s lot of scriptures i heard which I realised know was preached out of context that made me resent Abba word.i prayed that he will deliver me from this.i developed a fear for the written word.i realised why Abba also started helping me to see clearly about what he did for me.he has worked in me a desire so strong to bring Jesusvin the centre of the church that i cannot listen when people start preaching about how obedient they puts me right off,because who went through all this pain and agony for us.i ask Abba to help me with this ,because i don’t think it’s right off heart is so for people to see what Jesus went through for them,how much he loves them it really hurts me that I cannot deal with it.i cannot see Abba people suffer so when I know this truth about his grace is that will help them.and when i say grace I mean the person of grace.i started seeing how not knowing the truth can let us hurt each other and bring so carefull know to let people know about the people that hurt me before ,because I don’t want them to judge them.i developed even a love for people that hurt me that i can really pray in all honesty for abba to help them.i am beginning to respect my husband in a way that I never had .there so much things I see in myself that was never there before.i realised today that I complain i have no one to spk to ,but Abba led me to your blog and know I can let go off these things that I cannot deal with.i don’t have a big testimony for you pastor Prince ,but I realised my loyalty towards you is so great i really value your ministry.on the outside things didn’t change but inside me things are happening that shocks me.i might be depressed one day and full of joy the next day,but I trully believe Abba loves respect for pastors has not decreased,but when they start preaching about their obedience and misrepresent abba it causes me to forget everything he had shown me and teach me and makes me forget my beautifull saviour and this area I’m very sensitive about .i can even see know why people act the way they do and it makes me more compassionate towards them.i really value Abba,my beautifull Saviour and the pastor he used in opening my eyes to see his love for all my failings and weaknesses ,I can truly say ABBA LOVES ME ,HE GAVE HIS SON for me.this might not sound much ,but for me I’m overwhelmed by the love of my Saviour.i don’t want anything he did for me to be in vain.

  • Natalie says:

    I wrote today trying to explain what Abbas doing why he isnot coming through for me explaining where it all started .my comment never went through I think .im struggling to identify who is speaking to me .i have so many wrong believes of abba that I don’t know when he really when there’s a test he is rectifying my believe about him and also showing me where it started .mymind is so confused right know so when I approached the pastor if they confuse me they don’t really understand,but he is also showing me how we can operate thinking we obedient but still not see I would have loved for the previous comment to go through because it explains everything about why I’m so hooked on pastor struggling to identify when Abba is speaking and when it’s Satan bringing confusement to I know see a little on why nothing really changed .every pastor i believed to preach I associate withAbba so even if I’m confused its abba confusing the challenges I’m going through is showing me truths about the believes I have about him.he cannot change my situation when my believe system about him never changed,but for me it’s so different ,because my wrong believes about him really started in 2008 up until the time had introduced pastor Prince to me.the teachings I heard messed everything for me.please pray for me for abba to strengthen me and to keep his grip so tight.i really cannot do it without him .the condemnation and guilt and shame is so great I cannot handle it.

  • Bupe Chikumbi. says:

    Thank you Natalie!!
    God bless you and all your loved ones!!

    I’ll add you to my prayers too.

    I’m doing well Now!!
    Jesus Christ is on the throne!! I’m following Him!!I won’t leave by sight anymore!!

    I’ve been free for the past week and this time its permanent!!! I’ll keep my eyes on Christ!! He’s my Lord!!
    Plus He promises that He will, He will, He will
    God is good and I believe this!!!!

  • Sandesh says:

    God says that the power of God unto salvation is THE GOSPEL !!…. IN 1st Corinthian’s, we can see that Paul says God has chosen me TO PREACH THE GOSPEL….. Then He says NOT THE WISDOM OF WORDS….. BUT THE “Preaching of The Cross”… And He says This “Preaching of the Cross ” is The DUNAMIS (MIRACLE WORKING POWER) of God…. My dear friends…. You may be confused… and doing failures after failures….. and even I …. but please can we Just say “JESUS HAVE MERCY ON ME ” and Stop…..

    I am telling You…. The King of Kings stopped in the midst of the crowd following Him…. just for the cry of a blind beggar…… He stopped …lets listen carefully….He stopped BECAUSE HE WAS MOVED BY COMPASSION…..

    U Remember when Jesus was sitting on a mountain top and saw the people…. He didn’t see them (who were sinning and staggering here and there in life) …He didn’the see them just as sinners. … …. we would say…. huh.. a crowd of sinners…. No JESUS SAW THEM AS SHEEP THAT LACK A SHEPHERD….. AND THE BIBLE SAYS He was Moved by compassion! !!!..

    Jerusalem on whom Jesus should have commanded brimstone and fire….if u talk about what Jerusalem deserved for kicking him out (rejecting Him) ….. And Here is Our Jesus at that very time saying O JERUSALEM JERUSALEM….. How I wish I could Gather you As A Mother Hen gathers Her little chicks UNDER HER WINGS….

    HE IS SO MOVED AND FILLED BY GRACE that when we throw abuses and rejection and ” Just go from my life” frustrations……
    He says at that very time….OF JERUSALEM JERUSALEM…. HOW I WISH I COULD GIVE YOU PSALMS 91 AS MY REPLY….. WOW…. AMAZING GRACE….. AMAZING AMAZING GRACE….. I just want to tell you Natalie that I also was going thru the same things…. bitter frustration…. cycle of defeat…. But Right Now…. I have turned My eyes on the Jerusalem In This Message… The real JESS. … and I believe This message is spoken by the Loving Spirit of Sonship that we have….. and That We will be blessed.

    • Sandesh says:

      I am sorry

      ….. the last sentence was… But now I have turned My eyes on Jesus. …. The real Jesus. ….. God Evening everyone….. Grace fill You with His Love and refreshing Tongues…. ☺

  • Natalie says:

    Thank you very much Sandesh for your encouragement.i needed to be reminded once more of the real Jesus.its so easy to slip back and focus on everything except Him.thank you my brother in the Lord God bless you and your family.I’m keeping my eyes focus on the real Jesus.the one who loves me and died for me and points me back to the unconditional love of my Abba.

  • Teli mala says:

    Thanks pastor for lovely bible verses it encourage me. Before I was in fear and heart broken still chain is bind me please pray for me.I hope that if lam change my problem will solve.
    In jesus name I pray

  • Anita says:

    Great testimony, God bless you all. Christian life is not bed of roses, I went through similar face of life This world is a training school for us all, we have to do our best to endure till the end and Jesus will be with all who never give up. So let’s pray with out ceasing and the God of grace will always be with all his people who are called according to his purpose. Amen.

  • Akhrietuo nagi says:

    Thankyou…..I was lost once but now I know my way

  • chukwuebuka says:

    Natlie,do u know that it is a privilege that u can still love christ inspite of all challanging times.speak your miracle as u wish into existence and it will be estblish.christ is never separated from you.if u think that the Lord have not help u,tell me why u’hv not yet lost your desire for God.You will once again find the happiness which the Lord,the holy God of israel gives.i love you.

  • Natalie says:

    Thank you chukwuebuka and everyone that’s so encouraging.very difficult for me right know.feel like I’m losing my mind.something keep ontelling me I’m against Gods church and God is not happy with me.i will rather die before I’m going to cause problems for really convinced that my spirit is evil ,my friend says it is not ,because God used me in introducing her to pastor prince when her life was a mess .i not sure so many voices operating ,I cannot make out who is real and even though I approach Abbas word I’m so confused I’m starting to see so clearly about Christ ,but then when I go to church I’m not sure if this is Satan or abba.the other night had a dream which use to happen constantly before ,but this was so severe ,I was in such a deep sleep that something tried to choke the life out of me this happened before and my friend said it’s dark spirit and we need to pray,.i felt something in my bed and this was stronger then all the other times.i called Jesus name and his blood and nothing worked .i manage to come out of this like all the other times ,but this time itwas very severe.i don’t understand ,how can I keep my focus on Jesus only and still be so confuse.i don’t mix my teaching ,because God showed me long time ago about mixing teaching that’s not Christ centred.that is why I am in the mess i am spiritually.please anyone can you help shed light on what is happening here.i have no spiritual leader to consult ,they not happy with me right know so I’m not really attending church ,because of this problem.i don’t want to come against Abba so I’m so fearful.i tried commiting suicude before,but that was because of condemnation ,but know I don’t know why this suicide feelings are so strong feeding on truth so what is happening with me ?

    • Spasiba says:

      Natalie, make a big effort not to pull yourself apart.
      The most important thing to know is that Our Creator is love. Do you know that He is calm? He’s not only calm, compassionate but self-controlled.
      Be encouraged for you can become calmer and more compassionate too. One of the important keys to making spiritual progress is to study the words of Christ.

      Natalie, that’ll be a good starting point for you and remember when things upset you, never harm yourself but dig deep to encourage yourself and remember, in tough times, just how valuable you are in God’s sight.

  • Midi Music says:

    Let us all bow our heads before holy God! Holy God, we bless You for the holy desire to please You that You have planted in our hearts.

    Our life’s prayer is to gladden and bring glory to Your gracious loving Name. The more we learn from You the more we love You, for we know and have experienced that You are always perfectly just.

    Truly You are an awesome LORD; for even though Paul and Silas were confined in chains in the darkest dungeon You used angels to set them free.
    Compassionate Father, many of us in the last few months find ourselves, often due to our own foolishness, in a very deep dungeons.

    Although, especially in the last months we have been studying and praying with great diligence the persistent pitter patter of a piercing pain that assails us refuses to petter out.

    Gracious God, we now understand that Your highest imparted love is often experienced in the extremities of extremities.

    Eternal Creator we need Your strength for Our confidence has been buffeted and is not always as resilient as we would desire for ourselves.

    Surely the sunrise of Your pleasure will peek through soon into our at times pain-laden prayers and lives.

    At these very difficult yet rewarding times this one thing we will always do.

    We will thank You Our majestical Maker and we will cry out for mercy and our prayer will be not our will but Your perfect will be done!

    Treasured friends with thirsty souls, God is Our wellspring.

    Treasured friends with thirsty souls, if you have opened the door of narcissism, greed or false religion that tosses you from one unstable leg to another grab both your legs and slam that door that offers no enduring dignity behind you.

    The door that offers pleasure, power and prosperity with no or only semi restraints on what you want is the way of disappointment.

    Satan, the father of lies is the way of disappointment. In succumbing to his teaching your flesh can be appeased temporarily but your heart will still cry
    out to be nourished. Run away, cherished readers, with all your strength from the door called “no enduring dignity here”.

    Run instead to Jeremiah 29: 13 where you can find the true God speaking: “You will seek Me and find Me when You search for me with all your heart.”

    Treasured readers, God’s blessed door of grace is still open. Let us seek its entrance.

    My heart cries out with my last ounce of energy for those who haven’t yet learnt to cry unto You. Holy God, help us reinvigorate the non-crying. Help us reinvigorate our neighbor who, laden with sin, feels uncomfortable at the prospect of praying to you.

    Thank You for blessing those very determined to bless Your name with a humble and contrite spirit.

    Faithful God, open our eyes powerfully to Your holy teachings; so that we can feel the sunlight of Your love on our back and come with an appreciative smile daily, diligently and with great gusto to You, in order to successfully delve into Your holy Scriptures.

    For thine is the power and the glory, forevermore. Amen.

  • Spasiba says:

    Explorers for truth, when we truly understand our need to be taught by Our Creator, then we will switch off the TV and not watch one worldly programme after another one. Make every effort in the weeks ahead to value studying the New Testament more highly than watching TV.

    Be diligent and take every opportunity available to you in order to study the words of Jesus Christ. Honour Him and you will honour Your Creator, for He is Your Creator.

  • Jim Schwarz says:

    Explorers for truth, One of the most important things to know is that the heavenly Father is well pleased with His Beloved Son. He desires us to listen to and heed what He teaches. Be greatly encouraged, for when we do this, we will also honour Him.

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