Glorious Grace Day 1: Been Toiling All Night?

Today’s Scripture

. . . the goodness of God leads you to repentance.

Romans 2:4

Famished and fatigued from working all night at sea and catching nothing, Peter and his crew of fishermen carried their fishing nets to shore as the golden sun rose over the Galilean horizon. As they began washing their nets, large numbers of people began to throng the waterfront. Then Peter saw the man everyone was crowding to see. Before Peter knew it, this man headed in his direction and got into his boat! He then gestured to Peter, and Peter and his crew instinctively grabbed their nets and went back into the boat.

The man smiled warmly at Peter and asked if Peter could push the boat out some distance from the shore. By this time, the waterfront was blanketed with people eager to hear this man speak.

Peter turned to his seasoned crew and instructed them to push the boat out. The crew responded swiftly to their captain and watched as the man sat down by the edge of the boat and began teaching the multitudes gathered on the shore. When he was done speaking, he turned to Peter and requested that Peter and his men launch out into the deep and let down their nets for a catch. The request stung Peter’s heart and he explained to the man that they had been fishing all night and had caught nothing. Nevertheless, he was willing to comply with the man’s request.

Peter found himself wondering, What would a carpenter from Nazareth know about fishing? Peter had been fishing in these waters since he was a youth and knew the most opportune time to fish—definitely not this late in the morning! As the boat reached the deep waters, Peter just went through the motions and cast one net into the water. One net, he thought, was enough to prove his point that there simply weren’t any fish to be caught! Had it been anyone else—anyone but this man who carried himself with quiet authority and a warm friendliness—he would have scoffed at the request. But this man . . . something in his voice and carriage just made Peter acquiesce to his request more readily than his head knew why and despite every instinct telling him nothing was going to happen.

What happened next stunned Peter.

It was as if the net suddenly became a fish magnet! Massive schools of large tilapia rushed into the net from every direction, straining its capacity until it began to tear as Peter and his men began to haul up this unprecedented load of fish. The amazed and frantic fishermen quickly hollered to their friends in another boat to come and help them. Now two boats were lined up side by side, with both crews hauling fish into their boats. The men worked furiously, loading onto the boats the thrashing fish with their silver scales glistening in the sun . . . until both boats were so full of fish that they began to sink!

Blown away by what he was witnessing, Simon Peter knelt before Jesus and proclaimed, “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord!” (Luke 5:8).

Let me ask you this question: which came first—Peter’s repentance or God’s blessing? Under the new covenant of grace, God blesses you first, and His blessings, favor, and overflowing love lead you to repentance! Peter and his crew of mariners had toiled painstakingly all night and caught nothing. Then, when Jesus stepped for the first time into his boat, Peter’s business suddenly experienced a surge beyond his wildest imagination.

Today, the same thing can happen to you in your career, family, or health, as you open your heart to receive the Lord’s goodness and love.

Today’s Thought

Today, I choose to gladly welcome Jesus into my boat and allow His blessings, favor, and overflowing love to transform me into a new person.


Today’s Prayer

Lord Jesus, no matter what I may be feeling or thinking at this moment, I can and do welcome You into my boat—into every area of my life. Thank You that Your presence changes everything. I believe that the more I see You through the lens of grace, the more You are bringing about real repentance in my heart toward You. I choose to anchor my thoughts and emotions on Your unfailing grace and Your unshakable Word. I believe that as You flood my heart every day with Your unconditional love, You are transforming me effortlessly from the inside out. Amen.

This reading is taken from Joseph Prince’s new devotional, Glorious Grace. Get your copy today! 




  • Nagala Emmanuel Nformi says:

    Man of God I have been suffering from addiction, setback since high school in 2007 I have never had anything doing. No financial breakthrough after everything I do traveled out n was deported. Plz man of God I need a direction. Am confused about life. Help me direct me. God touch my heart to tell you this. We as a family of 6 no one is working. It’s a seriously accsential covenant my accsentors made. Free us with the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

  • Thank you. Needed to hear this right now. Thank you Lord Jesus, I welcome you into my boat. I will never be the same again.

  • Thomas sikhweni says:

    God bless you for reaviling the things of God.

  • gliding in grace ; superp servant of god.


    wow your word has brought back to my soul i feel strenghthened and renewed whenever i read your post7s thank you pastor prince i love you JESUS GLORY

  • Kevin Njoroge says:

    Hearing the awsome love of Jesus and His grace,has trully changed my life from level to level,my life has changed and the way i now see my loving Heavenly Father has just transformed everything today i can bodly came to Abba without fear,guilt and shame because i now know i am accepted in the beloved.

    Years ago i suffered from low self esteem,i always disqualified my self when opportunities arose even when they were close at the door simply becouse i thought God was not happy with me and i have done so much wrong to Him so was not qualified for His Goodness.I was sad,felt helpless,empty,and lost wasn’t even sure if i would make it to heaven not only becoming successful.

    One day lonely scrolling the tv channels i met pastor prince his teaching just blew my mind,Wow!!! I jst realized how JESUS is trully amazing His Grace, and my right standing through the finished work of CHRIST jst transformed me completely.
    Since then i have never been the same again three yrs ago, Now i have a confident expectation of good,i know i am greatly blessed,highly favoured and deeply loved.
    God Has given me a family,a business of my own glory to God,!
    I have learnt to say “l can’t Lord but You Can”
    Thank you Lord Jesus because of the divine apointment with josephprince teachings.Indeed this is what God wants His children to feed on.
    Pastor prince keep on keeping on….love u

  • Carol Nanyangwe says:

    Wow! Amen and Amen…Am nineteen years old,it was in 2014..when i received Jesus as my lord and saviour through scripture union,a union in school which taught about the word of GOD and since then i have really learnt to live not on my own understanding,but trust GOD in every situation,life is not easy just because i am under grace i face challenges like any other person.. but when you have jesus no situation is impossible(not easy,but not impossible)..May God continue blessing you and using to keep on preaching the grace to the lost souls out there,because myself i have Been blessed and transformed everytime i listen to your teachings on tbn.

  • Raymond K says:


  • Esosa Ikolo says:

    I had been reading on your website how people had life transforming miracles through the sermon of God’s grace you preached and I was keen to learn more.

    This is my day one of the Grace devotionals and I’m in awe of this revelation in the Bible story- had never realised it before.

    I have also bought many of your books with the recent one being Destined to reign…can’t wait to read more of God’s grace.

    God bless you for us all in this generation.

    To God be all the glory

  • Yannick Martial says:

    Amen Amen !

  • Jeffrey says:

    I used wonder why I find it so difficult spend time to pray and meditate on His word. I could be watching TV/Netflix/movies and other stuff and let it distract me from spending time with Him. I misinterpreted grace as not having to pray as much etc.
    I realise from this message that He loves me so much and I a so blessed that I want to pray, read His word and have fellowship with Him.
    I know I may struggle because my default habits but I know I can rely on His grace.

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