Praise Report: Wife Cancer Free After Focusing On Jesus As The Cure

My wife began having back pain and weakness after an incident in November 2011. She started having physical therapy in January 2012 and was receiving steroid injections for the inflammation and pain.

As my wife was getting some relief from her back, I made a decision to go on a church mission to the Dominican Republic in mid February.

My wife was using aqua therapy at the time I’d left. However, her therapist later asked her to consult her doctor as there seemed to be something in her body that the physiotherapy could not treat.

Her brother and my son-in-law took her to the doctor and she was immediately admitted to hospital. Her kidneys were found to be suffering from an overwhelming presence of calcium in her blood and were shutting down. Further tests revealed that she had multiple myeloma, a cancer where malignant plasma cells were overpopulating and pushing calcium out of the bones.

I quickly returned home from the Dominican Republic after receiving the news. But the day before I’d received her diagnosis, I was preparing to preach at a Haitian church.


Through my studies from Joseph Prince’s resource (Look At The Bronze Serpent—God’s Provision For Your Every Need CD), I learned that the serpent that tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden was actually called nachash in Hebrew. Its purpose was to separate the believer and God by having the believer doubt God’s kindness. The Lord led me to see that Jesus is the ANTIDOTE for the bite of the serpent (symptoms of sickness and disease).

So while medical professionals played their part in battling my wife’s cancer, Jesus was to be the ultimate cure. I began to take the Holy Communion every day with my wife. I combined it with the daily devotions in the Destined To Reign Devotional book.

We began treatment in March 2012 and I was also following Joseph’s daily teachings, listening to his monthly CDs and other materials. By September 2012, the doctor said my wife was in total remission from stage four multiple myeloma. We thanked Jesus for making her cancer free!

In August 2013, all her blood tests were normal. Her kidneys and liver are showing to be normal too. We continue to receive our daily Word knowing that Jesus is the cure (the antidote) for death. We give thanks that through the grace message, we could receive the finished work of Jesus Christ.

My wife is now cancer free and has stronger bones and thicker hair than before her treatment. We believe we receive Jesus and all He wants for us without restriction. If He is for us, who can be against us?

Richard Craig | Missouri, US

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