Praise Report: Delivered from 25-Year Drug Addiction

I was a very hardcore drug user and was addicted to crack cocaine for more than 25 years. I spent at least $250,000 on this drug and was imprisoned three times because of my addiction. I felt hopeless and trapped in guilt and shame, thinking that it was my destiny to remain like that.

Finally, when I could not take it anymore, I gave my life to Jesus, and my life got better day by day! My family had been praying for me for more than forty years! Jesus’ love is overwhelming and amazing. It is by His love and grace that I am now the righteousness of God in Christ!

Pastor Prince, I have many of your teaching resources and through these resources, I learned to draw closer to Jesus. I thank Jesus that His blood has cleansed me from all my sins. I thank Him constantly for all He does for me.

Thank you again for your ministry, Pastor Prince, and for your teachings on the grace of Jesus and His love for us. I listen to your sermons almost every day! They are a tremendous help to me.

Thank you for allowing me to share my testimony of Jesus’ love for me. It’s not my story it’s His—a story of Jesus and His love, grace, and forgiveness!

For anyone who feels like how I did—that there is no hope for you and you have done too much wrong to be forgiven—know that Jesus loves you no matter what and if you will give your life to Him, He will make you a new creation just as he did me.

Keith Weaver | Illinois, United States