Praise Report: Supplied with a job

I had been out of work since I came back from New York with my family during the circuit breaker period in Singapore.

Due to the pandemic and the restrictions in place, the events industry had not been doing well. This made searching for a job more difficult as I only had direct job experience in that industry. To get by, I traded on the stock market, but that took a toll on me physically and mentally. When the circuit breaker ended, I knew it was time to be more proactive in my job search. I also started taking the required exams to be a financial advisor.

I was worried as I knew that it would take some time before I could generate regular income as a financial advisor, and my retired parents were also relying on my monthly contributions to support them financially.

In mid-August, I tuned in to Pastor Prince’s sermon on a Sunday. At the end of the sermon, Pastor Prince said that he saw a man who had lost his job and was extremely worried about his family’s finances, but did not want to tell them. Pastor Prince then declared that the man will see supply coming to him that week and he would know it was from the Lord. I broke down at that point as I knew he was referring to me.

Prior to that Sunday, I had reached out to an ex-colleague who was working as a headhunter and sent him my résumé. On Monday, I was called up for an interview.

After a few more rounds of interviews, I secured an offer that was very close to my last drawn salary! I also passed one of the hardest modules in my financial advisory course.

God’s supply truly came and I knew it was all of Him, and none of me. Thank you, Pastor Prince, for that word of encouragement and hope. To Jesus be all the glory!

Joshua | Singapore

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