Praise Report: Secured New Job 3 Weeks After Being Retrenched

I have been in the tourism industry throughout my eleven-year career. Two years ago, I felt that I needed to advance my career and started looking for a new job. I went for interviews, but there were no open doors. I was dismayed and began questioning my abilities.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, I felt that there was no point in looking for another job. So, I continued where I was until I got retrenched two months ago.

Though the news came unexpectedly, I remembered walking into the office feeling at peace because I had just read Pastor Prince’s daily devotional titled Knowing Your Value Makes A Difference where he shared that grace will set us free from any fear, lack, guilt, curse and sin.

I am very thankful to Jesus that I received a good retrenchment package of about eight months’ salary. It then dawned on me that God had timed it in such a way that I could receive this package before I left the company.

The week after, I started to think if I should be concerned about securing a new job as I had heard how the unemployment rate was on the rise.

Then, on Sunday, 26 July, Pastor Prince gave a word at the end of his sermon where he shared that there was a sister who had been retrenched and that supply was going her way.

I believed that that word was for me! From then on, I stopped fearing and started expecting God’s goodness and mercy in my life. I also kept Pastor Prince’s prayer in my phone to hear it over and over again.

Four days later, I got called up for an interview. Eventually, I was offered the job with a pay increment! I did a count and realized that I had only sent out five job applications and was employed three weeks after being retrenched!

Even though I am entering a new industry, I was given the responsibility to lead a team, and the job portfolio was an expanded one where I could see myself growing in. This is truly is a career progression God’s way!

Praise the Lord. Indeed, this is The Year of Time and Space where we will enter God’s rest and enjoy the treasures that He has prepared for us!

Sharmaine | Singapore

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