Praise Report: No More Suffering PTSD, Now Enjoying God’s Restoration

Over the past few years, I suffered post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to a critical incident while working as a police officer. I lost my direction and my family went through an extremely difficult time. Because of that, I lost everything, including my wife of twenty-nine years.I found peace, hope, and strength in the Bible.

Reading the Word aloud has helped me to overcome my fears and anxieties. I’ve not had a panic attack for a year and I no longer require medication for PTSD. Pastor Prince’s book, The Power of Right Believing, has also improved the way I think.

On top of this, I’ve started a great job and I’m no longer homeless after moving into a beautiful new home.

God has also been restoring my relationship with my family. I’m trusting Him to rebuild my marriage and to provide me with a new car. I’ve no doubt that He will continue to catch me whenever I fall and work everything out for my good.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your ministry. Your teachings have opened my eyes to the love and power of our heavenly Father.

Robert Serino | New York, United States

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