Praise Report: No More Leukemia

I have been under faith and grace teachings in my local church and under Joseph Prince Ministries for several years.

In October 2009, I was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia. However, I chose to believe in the truth of Jesus’ finished work at the cross, and I knew I could approach this disease from a position of victory.

The promises of God’s Word regarding healing flooded my spirit and I depended totally on His love and the gospel of grace and truth to see me through. I underwent chemotherapy treatments that led to a remission of the disease. I then had a stem cell transplant and my blood counts are now all perfect.

I can live a normal life with no complications and medication.

At my five-year appointment, my doctor told me I was the “poster child” of the hospital’s Blood and Marrow Transplant Clinic. I give all the glory to my faithful God and the truth of His Word and His promises to deliver me from all evil. Today, I can proclaim the works of the Lord!

Rick Linde | Minnesota, United States

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