Praise Report: Delivered from Addictions, Family Restored

Pastor Prince, I first heard about your ministry some years ago when I was locked up in prison. My mother shared with me about your teachings on the gospel of grace and God’s love for me. I would love to tell you that when I got released from prison I ran back to God and started living right, but I did no such thing.

Drugs and alcohol had such a hold on my life that it seemed as though I would die with a needle in my arm or a bottle in my hand or both. After many bad decisions, I was at a place where I had reached rock bottom. I had failed at being a wife, mother, daughter, friend, and person. I was completely lost and broken.

One day, I remembered your sermons and began to watch them daily. They filled me with the hope and knowledge that Jesus loves me and died for my sins so that I can be brought into His family. I realized that God was not angry with me and loves me more than I can imagine.

Today I have been free from heroin for two years and alcohol for over a year. I have seen my life change dramatically just by trusting in God and being conscious of His love for me instead of being conscious of my sins. The Lord is continually changing me from the inside out and helping me grow.

My relationship with my parents and son have been restored in full. I also have a wonderful, godly man in my life who prays for me and watches your sermons together with me. We plan on getting married and buying a house soon. I’m also planning to go back to school to become a paralegal and help others who are as lost as I was.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your ministry. I still listen to your messages daily and have been deeply blessed by them. They have brought me back to the love of Jesus, who saved my life.

Heather Doty | Texas, United States

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