Praise Report: No More Uterine Cancer

Pastor Prince, Jesus has used your ministry to bless me. I have been watching you on television for about six years and became a partner three years ago. Though your daily broadcast on TV and your sermon CDs, the Word of God became alive to me. I embraced the gospel of grace and felt in my heart that it was pure truth. I grew in grace and was able to face the greatest challenge of my life in 2012 when I was diagnosed with uterine cancer.

I would listen to your CDs on the way to and from the doctor, and in my house—morning, noon and night. This helped me to understand the Bible more and more and as the Word of God became a living word to me. I came to understand the full meaning of the finished work of Jesus on the cross.

The way you explained the truth of the gospel reached my heart and I know I could trust what you were teaching because every word was confirmed when I read the Bible.

I also read your book, Health And Wholeness Through The Holy Communion. I learned that I am a royal priesthood and did not have to be in a church service to participate in it. So I started partaking in Holy Communion daily and my love for my Father God grew and grew.

I had to receive chemotherapy and radiation but I saw that as the way the Lord wanted to use to manifest His healing in the physical realm. During those treatments, I was kept by the Word of God the Holy Spirit comforted me. Today, by Jesus’ stripes, I have been completely delivered from cancer. But I still continue to partake the Holy Communion at least twice weekly as I felt in my heart that I need to do it as a way of life.

Pastor Prince, I believe God has raised you up for a time as this to build His church worldwide. You preach the pure gospel not a mixture. Your teaching about Daddy God went deep in my heart. I now know the love of God that surpasses knowledge.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Georgia, United States


  • sylvyia says:

    I would love to say your ministry has been such a blessing i always experience so much peace after listening to the sermons and reading your books.previously i was in a deliverance ministry that made the devil bigger till there was so much demonic manifestation you would feel as if the devil was chasing you in every corner it was a glad God opened my eyes to truths from your materials i know the devil has no right over my life theres so much peace i sleep well nowadays for two years while in that ministry i couldnt sleep.i thank God He led me to a ministry that glorifies Jesus.

  • I also am thankful for Pastor Prince and the way he has led us to get our eyes on THE LORD and not on circumstances ,the enemy of us all ; or ourselves which are so inadequate ! But to keep our focus on our WONDERFUL SAVIOR WHO NEVER FAILS, THE HOLY SPIRIT WHO ALWAYS LEADS US TO THE TRUTH, AND ABBA FATHER; AND HIS AWSOME LOVE….THANK-YOU for teaching us HIS GRACE!

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