Praise Report: Transformed by Gospel of Grace, No Longer Depressed and Suicidal

My heart has been transformed by the gospel of grace. I no longer struggle with unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, and envy—emotions that held me captive ever since I was molested at nine years old.My heart was always burdened with sin-consciousness and condemnation. But Pastor Prince’s teaching on righteousness and my identity in Christ has truly transformed my life. By listening to his sermons, I finally realized that Jesus loves me just as I am. I do not have to prove my worthiness to Him because He has made me worthy to be loved. I now no longer suffer from depression, panic attacks, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. I feel so FREE for the first time in my life.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your boldness in preaching the TRUTH, because it set this sinner free. Thank you so much.

Anonymous | Malaysia

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  • Jennifer Small says:

    I praise God that Pastor Joseph Prince has a television ministry. I have a mental illness that leaves me homebound most of the time. The message of GRACE the was preached has lead me into a place of rest, healing, and new confidence in the Holy Spirit to lead me.

    My back story is full of sexual and physical abuse by evey man I trusted from the early age of 4. Suicide seemed the best option most of my life. Yet I kept trusting Jesus to help me through one more day.

    I gave my life to Jesus at the young age of 4. Yet every church I attented never seemed to preach of the God I knew. The Jesus I read about is the one I trusted in. Though my sins are many Jesus said through his word I was saved from them and he had a future for me.

    As of April 2018 I had no established friendships or family ties. I felt like a shell of a person. My mental illness even deceived me in thinking the Devil himself would attack me if I read my bible. So I stumbled upon Christian TV. Full of fear I watched and flipped through programs until hearing Pastor Prince speak of GRACE. For so many years I beleived this message of “Grace” to be true in my heart. So at the age of 44 years old I feel like I have been given a second chance at “fitting in” in this world.

    Upon learning of God’s Grace through Joseph Prince’s eye’s I have been claiming God’s healing in all areas of my life. GLORY be to God! My mental health is improving. My physical health has improved also. I no longer need prescription drugs to control my symptoms. I have a new trust in my husband, 2 sons, daughter, and mother.

    My mindset has changed from being “The unlovable burden” to “God loves me and will restore all my family, God has shown me my purpose is to intercede for them so they too will know what it means to rest in God’s grace”

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