Praise Report: No More Stress, Experiencing Success In School

I was extremely stressed out in my first two years at college. The stress to get my work done got so intense that I did not think I could continue studying in college.

But as I listened to Joseph Prince, my mind began to change. I began to realize that the reason I was stressed was that I was relying on myself to get everything done. Not only that, I realized that God loves me and cares about what I care about. I also realized that because of what Jesus had done on the cross for me, my life should be filled with freedom and success.

During the summer, I began to pray about my semester ahead, and in my prayer I would confess that I was going to have a stress-free semester. I also began to confess that the demands of school were not going to master me anymore but I was going to master the demands of school by God’s grace.

When the semester started, I continued to listen to Joseph Prince’s life-changing preaching and I continued to pray, placing the semester in Jesus’ hands. That was the best thing I could have ever done! Jesus took control of that semester and changed things around. Jesus helped me approach the semester differently and He took the stress away. I was handing in assignments on time and I was actually learning and not merely doing homework. In a class that I was retaking because I’d failed the previous semester, I even scored an “A.”

That was the first semester in which I was stress-free and experienced major success. When stress and fear knocked at the door of my heart and mind, I would say, “Jesus, stress is at the door, please answer it, Lord.” By the end of the semester, my grades were very satisfying! As a result, I now expect every semester to be glorious in Jesus’ name.

I would like every college student to know that they can turn to Jesus if school is putting a lot of pressure on them or is causing them a lot of stress. He can change things around.

Thank you, Pastor Prince. Without a new revelation of who God is, I probably would have quit school or had something terrible happened to me due to stress. Thank you for unveiling Jesus in all His beauty.

Precious Laurore | Connecticut, United States

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