Praise Report: No More Pain In Neck

I had a car accident and some parts of my body were hurt years ago. Recently, I began to feel pain in my neck. There was a pressure and a knot in my throat. Initially, I thought I was catching a cold since my voice changed a little. However, the pressure in my throat began affecting my chest and I found it hard to breathe.

I began quoting the Scriptures, “Greater is He who lives in me” and “By Your Stripes, Lord Jesus, I am healed.”

My voice returned, the pain in my neck went away and I could breathe normally again. I found that my airway was completely healed and my neck had better mobility than ever before.

Pastor Prince, thank you for putting the Scriptures online on your website. I printed and kept them in a notebook, and I memorized them until they came alive inside me. The Word became my true belief and understanding in my times of trials. Amen and praise be to God!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Alabama, United States

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