Is Grace Ever a License to Sin?

Does God’s grace give us a license to sin? Scripturally, and obviously, the answer is no. On the contrary, Romans 6:14 tells us that God’s grace is the power over sin.

But perhaps you know of someone who, when confronted about his or her adulterous relationship, simply said, as if it were a matter of fact, “Well, I’m under grace, so you can’t condemn me.” Or maybe the person has shown no desire to stop a lifestyle of sin and defends himself or herself by saying, “God’s grace covers me.”

As with any truth from God, there will be a minority who misunderstand and abuse God’s amazing grace. But how do we address this problem without backing away from God’s grace? What do we say to those who use grace as a license to sin? Are these people truly living under grace in the first place?

If you’ve been asking the same questions and perhaps even know of someone who’s abusing grace unashamedly, I hope the video below will bring clarity to this issue:

If anyone is living in sin and claims that he or she is living under grace, let me be the first to tell you that this person is not living under grace. How can he or she be when God’s Word clearly states that “sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace” (Rom. 6:14)? Based on the authority of God’s Word, a person who is under grace will not be dominated by or want to continue living in sin!

Romans 6:14 shows us that grace is what frees us from the dominion of sin. A revelation of grace will never produce a licentious lifestyle. On the contrary, it will set one free from all sorts of sinful lifestyles. Time and time again, our ministry has received praise report after praise report that have testified to this—real and personal stories of addictions supernaturally and permanently broken and of marriages restored to the glory of God. You can read some of them here.

My friend, you may have come across erroneous interpretations of the gospel of grace that may have put doubts in your heart about hearing and receiving God’s grace. But don’t let these rob you of the treasure of the true gospel that is clearly laid out in God’s Word and of its power to set you free from a cycle of sin and defeat.



  • Jane Limangura says:

    Pastor, thank you for the word. The grace has give me power over sin. Amen and amen.

  • Jeremy says:

    True, but how about a believe who find it difficult in stoping some old sinful habit

    • Solar says:

      @ Jeremy, the believer should seek God’s face for the grace to overcome and he must be willing to fight it through and not give up even if he falls once in a while in the process of fighting till he is able to overcome. He should also stay away from people or things that can initiate the bad habit. God bless you.

  • Pastor Ian says:

    Thank you so Pastor Prince for this wonderful clarification. May God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit continue to use you as an apostolic voice preaching the message of freedom and dominion in our generation. We give glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Lawal Abiodun says:

    @Jeremy, Its not uncommon to see Christians still struggling with sin. Such a person needs to focus on Christ and always ask for help. Eventually, such person would encounter the power of grace through confession and steadfastness. I am a living proof. The real sin is that many believers thoroughly enjoy their sins and that shows unrepentance.

  • Ugoh Leslie says:

    Awesome. Thank you Pastor Prince. Sin cannot stop Grace, Grace has already stopped sin and is still stopping sin. Hallelujah

  • Crystal says:

    I was bound by chains of of addiction
    It had take root and became a stronghold in my life,and it dictated every aspect of my life
    I made a vow to stop letting addcition drag me anymore and I drug tht addiction to the alter every opportunity possible, I built a personal relationship with Jesus.As that love for him grow so did my desire to please him did aswell.

  • Natalie says:

    I can truly say that I believe grace is the only way out of sin .not just the sins that is so easy to notice,but unforgiveness,hatred,etc.i know I really believe that if grace(Jesus)was not revealed I would be the first one in to hell.i know see that I am the worst of the worst .and I really believe that if it not for the grace of God (my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ) I could easily murder or be a prostitute or whatever evil thing I can think off.i don’t look at people who sin in disgust anymore,because I realise only through Grace(Jesus) I can live a life that glorify if we say that grace give licence to sin or even misconstrue grace i realy believe that these people are operating under law.i cannot even think that you can be truly holy if you are not under grace(Jesus)even though I see all my weaknesses ,God is bringing people in my life that i can tell about the person of grace(Jesus)that pastor prince is if this is not the true Gospel why am I suffering so for this name that I have pastors shunning me because I’m trying to share about my hurts and past and how my heart has been so transformed by grace(Jesus)they are not even interested in the true freedom I found and hearing about all the bad things that happened in my family and how through Jesus I find the power to live each day .what people don’t realise when you are not under grace is that the truth about who you are,are easily exposed.we can all say we are this and that and boast about our obedience ,but when there’s a test the truth about who you are comes to light.i love this gospel grace(Jesus)because it even expose the truth that’s in your heart.i thank God for his Son ,his love for me.because if he never revealed this i honestly don’t think I would be alive today.pleae don’t ever back away from this message pastor prince,the thing that I have notice is that people are not really against this message ,they are really againts you.what they don’t realise is that all of us never prayed for God to reveal you pastor prince,but we struggled because of the teachings that we were exposed to and if you listen to what you preach it brings to light why the body of Christ is not where they suppose to be,because of wrong teaching we all fell in to sin.Grace(Jesus) is the only way for us to glorify our father God.its only through the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness we can reign in life as believers and the only way for us to get the world saved.indeed I’m the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.i pray that you will never back away from this truth.satan is coming againts me so strongly and I’m really suffering spiritually and when I listen to you expounding on Jesus so faithfully I thank my Father for placing it in my heart to lead me to pray about his Son..I cannot live without his Grace(Jesus)i thank you pastor prince,your wife,your kids,and your church for allowing someone like me to know the true heart of my father.his love for me.i will forever be gratefull to you that you listened when our father spoke to you in 1997.i love my father ,I love Jesus with a passion,because he revealed this truth to me and I pray that he will continue to use you to reveal his love to me and so many that’s in need of this grace(Jesus).Father God bless you pastor prince,your wife and your church.i know you say that you don’t like flattery and I know in my heart that I’m not,but that’s how bad the enemy is accusing me.thank you once more.

  • Apple says:

    We will never be free from bad habits, sin etc by working hard in our own strength. when this is done, what we will receive is “modifications”. As born again believers, our only way to get rid of sin in our lives, is to focus on Jesus and his “finished works”. As Pastor Prince always say, it’s not right doing that leads to change, it’s right believing” And what should we believe daily? That we are the righteousness of God in Christ. Believe that Jesus loves us unconditionally, and there is nothing we can ever do to make him love us” less or more”. Our answer for every challenge is found when we keep beholding Jesus in all his beauty, kindness and favor towards us.

  • Apple says:

    Good for you Crystal, the more you behold Jesus, the more you have become tranformed daily.

  • Sarah Nabagajja says:

    God bless u. By Gods Grace, l healed from alcohol and bad company. I dont know how but l realised after some time in salvation that l had just stopped. Praise be to God.

  • Brenda says:

    The message of grace transformed my life! But then, my husband used that same message to justify his adultery. It nearly broke me. I have loved God my entire life but still can’t understand how He can allow someone to use grace to try and destroy another person. I feel like God has turned His back on me and is prospering my husband and the other woman. I pray everyday that God will put a stop to those who use His grace for such evil.

  • Anthony says:

    Hi – are you responding
    To commends still
    Do you publish emails
    I am in need of answer
    Or is there private line to email
    Please .

  • Gyebi Nyanteh Botwe says:

    Thank you very much for the Gospel of GRACE AND TRUTH

  • Viola Long says:

    Thank God we have finally come to understand the Truth, as God has revealed it to us by teaching through Pastor Prince. Many of our lives has changed; because of hearing the Grace message. When we realized the goodness of God’s Grace; it draws us closer to Him; and it compels us to live a life of Godliness and Holiness; teaching us to turn from the sins which attempts to influence us in ungodly behavior of this world.
    God’s Grace has freed us from the law; and it has transformed the lives of people all over the world. Thank you, Pastor Prince for your diligence in pursuing the truth to share with us. May God continue to give you divine revelation of His word. We are blessed to be in this generation to see God’s word manifest among us. I am ignited to be a student of the Holy Spirit; and look forward to see the demonstration of His power; as we continue to learn our Citizenship of God’s Kingdom. Thank you, man of God for allowing God to speak through you; by being the yielded vessel who is willing to submit to the Higher Authority of Jesus Christ!!! God bless you and your family, and New Creation Church in Jesus Name!!! Love you.

  • Viola Long says:

    Thanks, once again for God’s Truth; which abides in you to deliver the “Grace Message!

  • Patricia says:

    This is to Brenda.Dont let bitterness take root in you.God hasn’t turned His back on you it might feel like He has He’s waiting for you to look to Him for all you need.Our God is a good,good Father.He loves you right where your at.As for your x pray God will open his eyes and that bitterness won’t grow in your heart for him. I have learned alot through this Grace movement.Our Pastor is preaching this good news! It is such a powerful revelation!! May God bless you Brenda.He loves you He will never leave you nor forsake you your sister in Christ,Patty.

  • Ibeh Victor says:

    I had the opportunity to hear the grace message from my youth leader over here in Nigeria last year December and in less than a year my life has tremendously changed. Glory to God! I was addicted to pornography, patronized prostitutes, stole all the time, lied habitually. The list is long. But like magic in less than 3 months I was free from all these without even trying. .Praise God. .
    I feel closer to God, more confident in his word. .Grace is freedom indeed. Pastor prince keep it up.. I believe that you are in line with what the Bible says…

  • Mary says:

    I have a friend who has been doing just what this article warns of. My friend’s lifestyle has been funded through lying/manipulation and steal money to live. I have tried talking to her about it, but she claims that the Holy Spirit led her to lie and deceive and believes that it is a way of God blessing her. (I’m not exaggerating she actually says this) Every time I have confronted her on the issue she says even if she’s wrong that because she is the righteousness of God, she’s covered by grace.
    This mentality she has really started to slowly upset me, when I found myself justifying my own bad behaviour in the same way. Then I snapped awake one day and could no longer lie to myself and admitted to myself that I was wrong. I started to question and really disrespect the teaching of Joseph Prince because of it.
    She was the only person up until recently that I knew that watched your broadcast and though I had in the past, I didn’t draw the same conclusions as her. Because of her insistent nudging towards her interpretations of what he teaches and the confidence she showed in her beliefs of what grace is; I started to question the idea of grace as a whole. It sat wrong with me.
    I’m so glad that I saw this article because it helps confirm to me what my soul already knew which is that it really is her acting out of flesh and most likely being swayed by an unclean spirit, and that grace isn’t the problem, it was how she was misrepresenting it. Now I feel bad I was so hard on Mr. Prince, knowing it’s not his fault.
    I really hope that Mr. Prince takes time to address in a firmer way if there is in fact a way to misrepresent grace. Also, Im open to anything, so I am even open to the fact that she might be right and might be being led to lie and steal by the Holy Spirit (though I’m still 99.99999℅ sure that is not the case) but will only truly take her claim seriously if there was scriptural evidence backing it up.. is anyone out there who can validate her claim using scripture?

  • Gift says:

    God bless our comments. really inspiring. I am in support that pastor prince should take out time to really help christians understand how grace doesn’t give one license to sin. I had issues with this for years. but as I continued to study God opened my heart to begin to undastand his grace. pls look at Titus 2:12. God bless us

  • What I say about this article? Yes, it has given me a message which I was expecting and such a really helpful article it is. God’s grace never gives us a license to sin but we are doing day by day. Reading the Bible accurately, we can achieve our best goal.

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