Praise Report: Relationship With Mother Dramatically Improved

I have been listening to Pastor Prince since November 2013. Before then, my relationship with my mom was bad. We were at odds spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, and physically. My life was almost unbearable and I had to undergo psychiatric therapy in 2007.

My mom is a Christian whose prayers and prophetic gifting helped guide me to receive Christ as my Savior. But our relationship soured when we could not agree over why and how I should behave. I opposed her vehemently because I thought she was being manipulative. It got to the point I preferred to die than live under her instruction and guidance. I was also having terrifying nightmares, frustrations, and incessant issues with the authorities over false allegations.

‎But thank God! Today the relationship between my mother and me has changed dramatically for good. ‎

I know it’s because of the message of grace that I started hearing on a daily basis, ever since I first received it in 2013. Now I find it truly amazing to see myself listening patiently to my mother. It is a miracle!

Thank you, Pastor Prince. Our lives have been saved by the true gospel that you preach. Now I have no more nightmares, no more frustrations, and the allegations are gradually and steadily being clarified. I am enjoying so much peace and joy.

Thank you‎ so much!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Nigeria

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