Praise Report: No More On Schizophrenia Medication Nor Struggling Financially

Pastor Prince, I had been suffering from schizophrenia for at least eight years. When I was first diagnosed with this illness, my mom, who is a non-believer, taught me chanting to try to alleviate its symptoms. I also sought help from doctors and took medication, but nothing worked.

Then, a colleague introduced me to your teachings on YouTube. I felt you were well-versed in the Bible and I could understand you easily. I kept on listening to your messages and got hold of your books and CDs. The more I fed on them, the more I experienced the love of my Lord and heavenly Father.

I would listen to you preach almost every day—while on the road and whenever I had nothing to do. I also learned to worship and sing praises to the Lord for everything He had done for me on the cross.

I’ve stopped taking medication for a few months and I’m doing fine. I believe this is the fruit of reading the Word, praying, and listening to your sermons over the years. Your teaching on proclaiming our righteousness in Christ has helped me greatly.

Where I used to struggle financially, now I’m able to earn a good wage to support myself. I would also pray for and encourage people in need with the gospel. Today, I’m secure in God’s love and indeed blessed in many areas—an enjoyable career, good health, and peace. Although there are still areas in my life that need to be fixed, I will continue to declare my righteousness in Christ till these areas are in order.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your ministry. May God bless you marvelously with favor, supply, good health, and wisdom, and may He continue to protect you as you travel and preach around the world.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Malaysia

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