Praise Report: Experienced God’s Restoration After Serious Accident

On August 24, 2014, my family and I met with a serious accident. My son was in the back seat and by the grace of God he slept through the accident and escaped unscathed.

My wife and I were hospitalized in the intensive care unit. I had blood clots in my chest as a result of hitting the steering wheel. My wife had five broken ribs on her left side and a broken heel. The doctor said she would not walk normally again.

In the months that followed, all our finances were drained. We gave up our car and our savings were depleted. We had to start all over.

At this time, we came across the 2015 theme of the year shared by Pastor Prince titled, “The Year of His Restoration.” We were encouraged and even reminded ourselves of God’s promise through the wallpapers on our electronic gadgets. We believed that God was going to bless and restore to us what was lost.

Exactly a year after the accident, we were in a church service when I was reminded to count my blessings. Just within this one year, my health was restored. All my blood clots were gone. In my work, I received the award for best employee of the month and received the best work appraisal in our business location. In addition, I was promoted from customer care executive to head of operations. We also bought a new house and a bike.

My wife is now completely healed. She can walk, run, and dance as before and now rides her scooter. We have launched our own preschool in partnership with a friend and my wife is now the principal of the preschool.

On top of that, before the year ended, we were blessed with a brand-new car. It was indeed the year of His restoration.

We could go on and on about the way Jesus has blessed us so abundantly. We want to thank Pastor Prince and his ministry for helping us to believe right about God and to have a confident expectation of good.

I have been a Christian for more than twenty years. For a long time, I struggled in my faith as a believer. But my life was radically changed when I came across Joseph Prince’s ministry while surfing the Internet one day. My family even started using Joseph’s daily devotional for our evening family prayer.

Since hearing Pastor Prince’s messages, my beliefs about God have changed. I have learned that God is always for me. He is a loving Father who is out to bless me and my part is to freely receive from Him. The more I think well of God, the more I see His blessings in my life.

Thank you, Pastor Prince. We continue to pray for you every day.

Martin Mekwan | India


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