Praise Report: Daughter Healed Of Multiple Sclerosis

Back in 2008, my husband stumbled across Joseph Prince’s preaching on television after coming home late from work one night. He was going to change the channel but found his attention caught by what Joseph was saying. After watching him a few more times, my husband told me, “You have got to watch this guy. I think you will really love what he has to say!” I did as my husband suggested and my life has been radically transformed by the message of God’s grace.

I accepted Christ as my Savior at a very early age but I was under such religious bondage that I barely knew what it meant to truly experience peace and joy. They seemed to be things that I had to strive for or work out on my own. Now, I know without a doubt that I am fully forgiven and completely loved by God. I am now able to believe that He wants me healed, delivered, provided for, and joyful because He loves me unconditionally.

About a year ago, my daughter, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2010, went for a CT scan. Miraculously, the scan showed no signs of the disease! We give God all the glory. We are also thankful for Joseph’s obedience in sharing the gospel of grace. It has helped us claim for our daughter the healing that God has already provided through Jesus.

All praise to His holy name! Thank you, Pastor Prince, and God bless you!

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Minnesota, United States

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