Praise Report: No More Nightmares, Depression, Physical Ailments

I grew up in a religious family and was abused by my mother for years. I had nightmares, was in depression, and suffered multiple physical ailments. Even though I was finally able to get out of that sphere of family abuse, I continued to live with guilt and condemnation as I believed I had been a bad person.

I moved overseas after attending a year of Bible college. During this time, I got hold of Pastor Prince’s teachings. I immersed myself in the gospel of grace and learned that I am accepted and loved by God, and that His desire for me is to have healthy relationships.

Since then, I no longer have nightmares or depression, and I have been healed of my physical ailments. I am closer than ever to my husband and son and I now live life with so much joy and hope. I thank Jesus and Pastor Prince for letting me receive and experience the gospel of grace.

Cassaundra Siegersma | Colorado, United States

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