Praise Report: No more skin cancer

In early 2021, my mom was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma (a form of skin cancer) of the face. About three years ago, she had another form of skin cancer on another part of her face due to sun damage.

My husband and I watch Pastor Prince’s program every morning and tune in to his online services every Sunday. We have learned so much from his teachings. We now fully understand so many truths including the fact that we are the righteousness of God in Christ. We also learned how to discern the holy Communion elements.

For a month after my mom’s diagnosis, I would tell her to declare out loud that she is the righteousness of God in Christ over and over again. She was nervous to undergo surgery to remove the cancer cells as she did not have a good experience with her first procedure three years ago.

The day before her scheduled surgery, my husband and I watched Pastor Prince’s online service. At the end of the sermon, Pastor Prince read out a testimony of a man who went to his doctor to proceed with surgery to treat his throat cancer, only for the doctor to find no cancer in him! I claimed this for my mom and believed it was a Word spoken for her surgery the next day.

On the morning of her surgery, my mom said she felt a great sense of calm and peace wash over her. The surgeon first removed a thin layer of skin and sent it for analysis to determine how deep the cancer cells were rooted in her skin.

After the lab analysis, the surgeon returned with a look of confusion on his face. He said to my mom, “Well, we are done here. There will be no Mohs surgery for you. We couldn’t find any cancer cells during the lab analysis.” This is a miracle as a month ago, the biopsy came back as positive for squamous cell carcinoma with concern that it could have roots and extensions deep into the skin.

My mom said that when she heard the good news, she immediately thought me and my prayers. I had told her to see the cancer cells on Jesus’ face as He hung on the cross and to declare that His body was broken so that our bodies can be made whole. I give thanks to the Lord Jesus for His great mercy toward my mom and my family.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for preaching God’s Word with so much passion for Jesus Christ. We can see visions of ourselves as prosperous, healthy, successful, and at peace because you taught us to see ourselves as how God sees us through His Son.

Renee Danyi | Michigan, United States

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