Praise Report: No Longer Living In Sin And Depression, Back To School To Complete Degree

Pastor Prince, I’m a twenty-three-year-old university student who grew up in a Christian family, attended church, and went to a Christian college. However, I made choices in life that greatly delayed my studies, career, relationships, and spiritual growth.

I had sex before marriage, suffered emotional and physical abuse in my intimate relationships, and fell into depression. One sin led to another in my life, up to a point where I had multiple abortions. I also believed I had committed the worst sins and couldn’t see the saving grace of my Abba Father. As a result, I continued to live in chains.

When I got excluded from university (no longer had the privileges or rights of a student), I drank and smoke every weekend and even hurt others around me. I became numb to my emotions and saw failure as a norm in my life. When I sought comfort in intimate relationships, they only left me feeling more dissatisfied.

Despite all this, I remembered hearing you preach about the Benjamin generation during a Hillsong Conference back in 2008. It was the first time God’s grace had meant anything to me. Your sermon would come up in my spirit even as I continued in my sinful lifestyle.

Recently, I decided to activate my Facebook account just to watch your videos before going to bed. Later, I began to watch them daily at 1am. Since then, the grace of God has been giving me true comfort, strength, and hope that does not disappoint (see Rom. 5:5). I fell in love with my Savior again and I have been feeling the same way ever since!

This year, by His grace, I’m back in university to complete my degree. I’m also celibate and content! I don’t drink or smoke anymore and I’m enjoying godly friendships. The love of Christ has been the cure to my struggles. I’m eager to reach others with the same comfort and love that Christ has shown toward me: Be still, and know that He is God!

Anonymous | Australia



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