Grace For Your Darkest Moments

And when the dew fell on the camp in the night, the manna fell on it.

Numbers 11:9

Look at today’s verse and notice that the manna fell on the camp of the Israelites during the night.

My friend, night speaks of the darkest moments in one’s life. This means that in your darkest moments, God is still supplying you His “manna” or grace. He has not abandoned you and left you to your own devices. No, He is still there with you, caring for you, watching over you and working things out for your good.

So beloved, rest in God’s love for you and let Him sort things out for you. Stop trying to solve the problem in your own strength and wisdom—let God be God to you. He is with you, for your success and will provide for your needs. His grace for you falls afresh every day. His mercies that are new every morning will also see you through the darkest nights!

Today, just see His grace upon you and all around you. Be conscious of it, thank Him for it, and see His grace do wonders for you!

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  • James Davila says:

    Pastor Prince, I’m a firm believer in Christ and the way you reveal the word of God, but fir clarity, you say we cannot fall out of favor for no reason at all? What if we continue to sin or commit wrongs on others aren’t we falling out of favor due to our lack of commitment to the word?

  • Andrew Oludotun says:

    Glory to God! Thanks for this post! I am refreshed immensely!

  • weeping may endure for a night but comes in the morning.# grace for our darkiest moments God is supplying us even when its dark..amen

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