Praise Report: Melanoma On Scalp Gone

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with melanoma on my scalp, and was told to get it removed right away as it was life threatening.

During this scary time, God spoke to me one night, and told me to study the word “abiding.” As I studied it, I realized that “abiding” means to remain stable, be at rest and be faithful.

It was then that I started to listen to Joseph Prince because he talks about rest a lot. I also started to take the Holy Communion and within weeks, the melanoma was gone!

However, I still went for an operation I was scheduled for as I wanted to have the doctor’s opinion. Right before they wanted to shave my head, another check was made but nothing could be found on my scalp. The doctor said it was gone and he called it a miracle!

I felt God say afterwards, “If you rest, I’ll do the rest.”

Ian Brown | New Zealand

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