Hear Your Way To Your Breakthroughs

“So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

Romans 10:17

Let me share with you what hearing and hearing the good news of the gospel did for one student in my congregation.

This student had done badly in her mid-year examination, failing three core subjects. Her parents then started playing my messages in their home and car as often as they could. As this girl listened repeatedly to the messages, her parents shared with me that they noticed a dramatic change in her attitude toward her studies. She started to place her hope and reliance on God, and peace began to replace the stress of school.

Six months later, in her final-year examination, to her delight (and that of her parents), she scored really well in those core subjects and received two awards: one for being among the top students in class and another for having made the best progress!

Beloved, whatever your challenge is today, continual listening to the gospel of Jesus always brings faith and peace, and always leads you to good success!

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  • Pray! Because… There are still places in America , especially small towns who believe the scripture Romans 5:20
    Moreover the law entered, that the offence might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound:
    But they say and even give praise our Lord that they have the law so that their sin will show(abound) and they will see and know they are just old sinners saved by grace and have the need of a savior. And they still preach that they are goverened by the law to “keep” them straight.. Pastor Prince and others do you see what I’m saying? These are precious people who are saved still believing they are under law because it is the law that cause the offense to abound believing that this is a good thing for them, eventhough they are already born again Christians. That they’re feeling condemned by law is wonderful and keeps them ” humbly under grace”. In other words, they believe that being under the condemnation of the law to show us our need for our savior Christ JESUS, that this condemnation is what keeps us under grace. This is the dangerous mixture of law and grace. They act as if and believe as if we must remain under law I order to be under grace. Like His Grace is somehow lesser than law or GRACE is only grace when it “comes” with law ; therefore mixing the two. Like all grace is ” the glue that connects us to the Lord through His law.” This teaching makes me very sad because It is still, so blinding so many of my Lords precious precious people. It’s has been so pronounced in local churches that it’s as a cancer to The Bride, The body of Christ… HELP LORD; RESTORE LORD, RESTORE!

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