Praise Report: Marriage Restored Through Listening to Sermons

My husband and I had been having trouble deciding whether we wanted kids or not. Growing up an only child, the thought of having children didn’t interest me much. But something changed when I turned thirty and after months of discussion, my husband and I decided to leave the decision in God’s hands.

Soon after, I became pregnant with our beautiful baby girl, Sierra. It was scary when we learned we were about to become parents, but I now know God doesn’t give us more than we can handle.

A few years later, however, I found myself confiding in another man and seeking the emotional connection I was no longer receiving from my husband. When I finally told my husband about this, we began going to couples therapy.

During this time, we came across Joseph Prince’s program in which he shared a testimony about a marriage that was restored through God’s grace. We knew it wasn’t by chance we stumbled upon this. We began watching Joseph’s sermons on a regular basis and found that every message spoke to our situations.

I have since given my life to Jesus and my marriage is now better than ever! My husband and I have also been blessed with twin boys. I now know God is working in my life and I hope to continue growing in His loving grace.

Thank you, Pastor Prince!

Anonymous | Washington, United States

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