Praise Report: Sexual Abuse Survivor Set Free from Condemnation

Pastor Prince, one Saturday morning, God told me to turn on the television. I knew that there would be a children’s program at that time but right in the middle of the program came your half-hour program.

You mentioned about the word clean and explained that in the Greek the word is katharos. I immediately went to look up the word on the computer and there were several definitions: clean, pure, innocent, and blameless. When I discovered this, I said to myself, “It wasn’t my fault!”

I was sexually abused by a family member for many years since I was six years old and had taken on a false sense of responsibility for it. Now, at age seventy-four, I am healed and set free in Jesus’ name. I cannot thank you enough, Pastor Prince, for allowing yourself to be used by God for His wonderful works. All praise and glory be unto Him! Amen.

Katha | Connecticut, United States

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