Praise Report: Left shoulder condition healed instantly

I had been suffering from a frozen left shoulder for years due to an injury sustained from playing the violin. There was limited mobility in my left shoulder joint, and I could not lift up my arm nor reach to the side. I had spent lots of money and time on physiotherapy, but nothing worked.

On Sunday, 27 September, I tuned in to the online service and during the sermon, Pastor Prince shared that the Lord is able to heal from a distance. He also cited an example from the Bible where Jesus healed a man from a distance by simply speaking the Word.

Pastor Prince then went on to call out various conditions, one of which was a left shoulder pain.

Immediately, I started moving my left shoulder—rotating it and lifting my arm repeatedly. Then, I heard two loud cracks and there and then, my shoulder was instantly healed!

Jesus healed me in an instant, from a distance! Thank you, Pastor Prince, for helping me fall in love with Jesus more and more each day. God is good!

Anonymous | Singapore

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