Praise Report: God’s Provision Over My Family

A month ago, my daughter was retrenched from her job. My husband had also been informed earlier this year that the company he was working in would be shut down. I am also jobless due to a lower back injury. Things seemed bleak and I worried about how we were going to pay our bills.

I have been listening to Pastor Prince’s sermons which always remind me to focus on the person of Jesus and what He did for me at the cross. The sermons also encourage me to believe and receive the supply of His grace. So, I continued to pray and give praise to the Lord, replacing my worries with peaceful thoughts.

One day, I came across Pastor Prince’s sermon on praying in tongues and listened to it. That day, I received the gift of praying in the Spirit and began to pray in tongues, and felt peaceful despite my circumstances.

Then, I listened to another sermon on the anointing oil and went on to pray and anoint my daughter’s pillow, desk, and the door of her room. Even though she was out of a job, she remained joyful and was subsequently blessed with a number of interviews. Before the month ended, my daughter was offered a job!

My daughter is now back to work. I know it is by God’s grace that she was offered a job in the midst of this pandemic. Not only that, I also received healing for my lower back and am able to get out of bed without any issues. My husband’s company told him that they would work out a new arrangement for him based on commissions, and he would not be out of a job!

All praise and glory to the Lord!

Anonymous | Singapore

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