Praise Report: Husband Delivered From Anger Issues, Marriage Restored

When I first met my husband, he was a regular, happy, and funny guy. But after we got married, he started showing signs of anger and violence. For almost two years, I bore the brunt of his anger whenever he was upset. Sometimes, I even feared for my life.

In the second year of our marriage, I started listening more frequently to Pastor Prince’s sermons on CD. As a result, I grew increasingly convinced that God could turn our marriage around.

My husband and I were subsequently led to move out of Singapore to a new country to start afresh. God not only provided the finances, but He also caused us to gain favor and support from our relatives.

Before we left Singapore, we decided to visit New Creation Church and requested to speak with one of the pastors. The pastor encouraged us and told us that the Holy Spirit will transform my husband.

After leaving Singapore, we began attending counseling at a Christian counseling centre and my husband even enrolled himself into a behavior-change program.

Through it all, we constantly listened to Pastor Prince’s sermon CDs that were bought or given to us as gifts whenever we visited Singapore.

It’s been a year now and I have seen such an amazing transformation in my husband.

In fact, he is back to being the man I first met and fell in love with. My husband, who didn’t use to enjoy praise and worship, is now attending church and a cell group regularly.

We are indeed experiencing a restoration in our marriage and we believe that God has got so much more in store for us. He continues to work in our lives every day.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for preaching the good news of the grace and love of God. We are also thankful to be reminded that the Lord fights our battles.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Australia

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