Praise Report: Set Free From Hearing Difficulties

I had been struggling with my hearing for a very long time. It got to the point where I would cringe every time the phone rang at work because I just could not hear what the caller was saying clearly, especially if I used my left ear.

I used to watch Joseph Prince on television in the morning but when his program was taken off air, I resorted to watching his sermons online. Every night, I would put my earphones on and listen to the marvelous message of grace from my computer.

After some time, I noticed that I have not had to ask callers to repeat themselves. I also noticed that I had been holding the phone to my left ear, even though this was the ear that I found it hard to hear from.

Now, after hearing the gospel of grace, my left ear seems to be hearing even better than my right ear. I do not even know when the healing took place but I no longer have the hearing difficulties I used to.

I have no doubt that each time I listen to your messages, the gospel of grace is going directly into my ears through my earphones and healing me.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | New York, United States

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