Praise Report: Healed Of Spinal Condition, Marriage Restored

Although I was married with two awesome children, I was never a satisfied wife. I felt empty, scared, and full of lack. I got involved in church activities hoping to find an answer but I didn’t. In church, the more sin was preached, the more I felt condemned. I also went forward for every rededication altar call, weeping my way in and out of sin. Outside of church, my life was unspeakable.

Things went from bad to worse. I knew in my heart that I could not boast that I loved my husband anymore. My marriage was dying and financially we were in trouble. In response, I spent even more time in church, but I was only there physically. My health also began to fail more often and soon, depression set in.

In late 2011, I was diagnosed with cervical spinal spondylosis (a medical condition that causes the neck section of the spinal cord to deteriorate). The cushions in my spinal cord were thinning badly and my nerves were taking the toll. I had migraines and twitching pains and I could not raise my left hand. My hands and feet also experienced those sensations and the pain down my neck felt like fifteen on a scale of ten. I could barely sit or do anything because of the excruciating pain.

I feared my end had come and God was punishing me for all that I had done. I was in and out of hospital, had multiple x-rays done, and was on a heavy dose of painkillers. The doctors were not even sure if surgery would help me. Months went by and I would cry and cry. I could hardly go out anymore and I had no money for surgery.

Then, on my birthday, July 22, 2013, a pastor and a friend of mine prayed Genesis 8:4 over me. By this time, I had already subscribed to Joseph Prince’s daily devotional for a while and they had been my succor for months. Then, exactly three days after my birthday, on July 25, I received my devotional for the day and I felt a confirmation of God’s healing because it was on same verse, Genesis 8:4.

In the Daily Grace Inspirations devotional titled, Standing On No-Curse Ground, I read the testimony of someone who had suffered the same condition as me and had experienced his healing. As I read on, I had goose bumps. I knew it was no coincidence and I said a mighty “Amen” to the proclamation of healing in the devotional. From that day onward, I not only did not feel any more pain, but I was also healed spiritually as I now knew the Lord of grace Himself and the beauty of His holiness. He loves me beyond measure and nothing can ever change that.

My husband and I have a better relationship now than when we first got married nine years ago. He is now not only my lover but a friend and he too embraces the gospel of grace dearly. Many of the bad habits I once had and struggled with are also gone and I know that my Savior’s love is taking care of the rest.

Thank You, Jesus, and thank you, Joseph Prince, for preaching the gospel of grace. It certainly is all about Jesus. God bless us all.

The writer has requested to remain anonymous | Nigeria

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