Praise Report: Healed Of Schizophrenia And Bipolar Disorder After Communion

I have been a believer in Jesus for almost 12 years. Two years before I became a believer, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. I felt like a guinea pig until the doctors found the correct medication for me. They finally found something that worked for years. Then, they switched it again.

Last year, I began watching Destined To Reign. I love hearing about God’s great grace toward us. I have never heard anything like it. I have never heard grace preached that way before. Well, I got an e-reader for Mother’s Day from my husband, and downloaded your teaching on the Holy Communion.

I never knew anything about healing through the bread before and have not heard of the devil being armed with the law, but it made sense. So I took the Holy Communion, properly discerning the Lord’s body. The next day, I took my medicine as usual and I had the worst headache on the face of the planet.

I’ve never experienced anything like that before. So as you can imagine, I took the bread and wine discerning the Lord’s body and the headache went away. Today, the schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are also gone. I haven’t taken my medicine since then and have not had any symptoms of either one.

Thank you, Pastor Prince, for your love and obedience to God in preaching grace the way that you do.

Anonymous| Indiana, United States

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  • Michael says:

    Please pray my mother in law and I are healed from Covid. We just lost my father in law this week. It has been a tough time for our family. We believe God is our healer and protector. We cast all our cares on Him.

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